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Riverbeki is your one stop destination for the finest Assam and Darjeeling Tea. Welcome to tea time joy.Join us on this delightful journey.

Introducing Riverbeki Carpe Diem: Your Pure Tea E-Store!

Hello Friends,

I am Roy & Riverbeki Carpe Diem is a boot-strapped enterprise. A graduate of Assam Engineering College, I started it in 2018.The humble journey begins with my passion for delivering the finest teas.

After 18 years of experience in renowned chocolate and beverage MNCs, now I offer my expertise and dedication to the world of tea. I solely own this company.

Riverbeki Carpe Diem: Unleash the Pure Tea Experience!

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At Riverbeki, we embrace the joy of work and the beauty of life. We find inspiration in travel, music, exploration, design, and cooking. The ultimate goal is to share health and happy moments through our exquisite tea offerings.

A Delicious Cup of Tea – Everytime!

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Explore our carefully curated selection and experience the goodness of pure tea.

Riverbeki Carpe Diem tea brings wellness and bliss.

Delivering Pure Tea at Door Step Across India

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Enliven the Experience

Every cup of Pure Tea is an equipoise of tasteful flavor and Refreshment.  The diversity of their characteristics & uniqueness is astonishing. It is amazing to know how one plant can express itself in so many ways! Truly Incredible.

Ameliorate your tea time

Pure Tea Experience – Nothing Else

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