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About us

Riverbeki is an Online Store that sells Speciality Tea, Single Origin Spices, Raw Honey, Teaware & Mugs and Table Top Products. The flavours of our edible products are natural and may bear the touch of seasonal variation. For us, Tea, Spice and Honey are much more than staple food & drinking habits. An exceptional cup of tea, authentic spices and Pure Honey has a more exalted place in our culture. They make our everyday life colourful and vibrant. Our products reflect our passion.

What We do

Tea brings people together, enhance creativity, provides a sense of calmness and grants a moment when we need it the most. Authentic spices enhance the taste of our foods, make them delicious and enrich our cooking experiences. Raw Honey is a superfood. A cup of refreshing tea, foods prepared with authentic spices and the goodness of Raw Honey, can actually elevate our mood. Natural Antioxidants from Tea, Spices & Raw Honey help us to maintain Good Health & Build Wellness. With Our Products, we are trying to make every day a collection of Good Health & Happy Moments.

Why You Will Love Our Products

Since our start in 2018, We want to be an inspiring, trustworthy, and innovative player in providing some of the best Teas, Spices, and Raw Honey to the urban world. We keep our collections-

Fresh & Delightful

Rich in Flavour

Authentic & Nutritious

Seasonal & Local

Securely Packed

Ethical & Value for Money

Shopping with Riverbeki

With shopping from Riverbeki, you make an informed purchase, and you get what you have ordered. For someone, who loves authentic products, often struggles to find the right place to buy them. Even sometimes, a huge collection of products may be confusing. We have minimal products, carefully selected to suit each occasion. We know the commitment to goodness comes naturally. In Riverbeki, we uphold it every day by delivering genuine products.


Our Tea collection is unique, exceptional in its origin, character & taste. Explore and Refresh yourself with some of our teas, while we continue our journey to bring you a few more!

Raw Honey

Our Raw honey comes straight from the honeycomb. It is usually made just filter the honey to remove small bits of debris, beeswax, and parts of dead bees.


We experiment with the best Spices. Our Gourmet Seasoning and Spices can transform the flavour of your food. It will make cooking fun. Good for Health. Amazing on Plate!

Tea ware & Utensil

Our Teaware & Table Top Collections are elegant, durable, thermal-resistant and value for money. They are meant for everyday use and safe to use in dishwashers.

Know more about our Teaware & Utensils

Our Porcelain Teaware & Tea infuser collections are from Wilmax, England. They are always considered a great addition to lifestyle. They are also an attractive proposition as gifting items on different occasions.

The history of porcelain dates back centuries. Time, style and taste have changed, but porcelain never goes out of fashion. Porcelain is strong, durable, and products from it can be elegant. Porcelain tableware retains heat and they do not contain bone ash. Despite its seeming fragility, porcelain can be called one of the timeless values, which bring beauty and elegance into our life. Thin, delicate porcelain is a precious decoration for any table, a particular highlight of any interior design

Thermo glass Collection can withstand a wide range of temperature differences. They are strong, durable, do not absorb odours, meant for everyday use. Made from borosilicate, they are hygienic by design and have a high resistance to scratches. Our Teaware Collections are Lead-Free, environmentally compatible and lab-tested as per UK & European standards.

Our Newsletter is “Health & Happiness”

Health & Happiness is our News Letter. It gives you updates about our journey. The theme of Health & Happiness is Mindful Living. Content is about building wellness by conscious decisions in Food, Beverage & Lifestyle selection. The Newsletter shares information about our traditional wisdom and tries to relate to the scientific findings. The purpose of it is about spreading awareness on Healthy Living and Personal Wellbeing. You can use the unsubscribe link in those emails to opt out of it at any time.

Wellness Starts with Our Conscious decision on Food, Beverage & Lifestyle

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