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The Romance with a Supreme Tea

If you are searching for authentic White Tea, whether it is a Silver Needle or Bai Mudan White Tea ( White Peony Tea), you have come to the right online place. From Our store, you can order both Assam White Tea & Darjeeling White Tea in one go. Both the Tea is a treasure to your tea collection. In our Store, you will experience True Tea. No gimmick, No Nonsense. Use Our safe payment gateway system for making payments. We have a hassle-free OTP Verified doorstep for delivery. On-demand, we make same-day delivery in Delhi NCR. Please reach out to us. We also offer COD for smaller quantities and an assured discount on every repeat buy.

Silver Needle White Tea
Silver Needle White Tea

White Tea-Silver Needle

Enjoy the exceptional taste of Silver Needle White Tea-Sword shaped Tea buds, soft & silky with a greenish lustre interlaced with coppery unbroken tea buds.

Bai Mudan White Tea
Bai Mudan Tea

White Tea-Bai Mudan

Awake your taste buds with the authentic Bai Mudan White Tea-The highest grade with the first two leaves in unbroken shapes and spear-shaped buds in proportions

The Spirit, Unique Shape, Aroma & Appeal

The aroma of authentic White Tea is delicate and ultra-fine. The Silver Needle will consist of long, slender, uniform, unbroken sword-shaped tea buds. It is also termed as Silver Tips at times. Overall appearance is elegant and distinguished. Tea Buds will be soft and velvety in touch & feel bearing a matte look.

Bai Mudan( also many times known as White Peony Tea) consists of dried leaves along with tea buds in varying proportions. Another perfectly good and delicious Tea to enjoy.

An authentic White Tea is not only a subject of learned Tea making skills but also a matter of geographical location to capture the “Original” taste, flavour & style. Our Tea is an example of terroir and Tea making art that conspire to give you a recognizable flavour, consistent quality and superior tea drinking experience. Rejoice delightfully in our white teas with their captivating aromas, creamy-soft liquor and soothing flavours. Experience the incomparable taste and the Goodness of both the White Teas in your everyday life.

Identify the Taste & Colour of an Authentic Class

Taste on the palate

As a beverage, White Tea is exceptionally mellow, soft and pleasant at the palate.

The Bai Mudan gives a light-coloured liquor in either apple green or hued yellow. The taste is clear, syrupy and thirst-quenching in sensation; characterized by sweet corn & mellow floral-fruity notes. It is possible to find hints of fresh legume, leading towards vegetal notes for an over-steeped Tea. Another popular name of Bai Mudan is White Peony Tea. So they are two different names for the same class of Tea.

You will find rich mineral notes with subdued aromas and flavours that suggest forest honey, chestnuts, toast & apricots in the Silver Needle. There is a pleasant note of cocoa butter with brown sugar, (can we term that as caramel?) throughout the cup. The liquor colour is orange to amber and thick.

Liquor Colour in eyesight

In each case, the liquor colour is a reflection of the unique processing of the fresh buds or leaf plant material. It also depends on the quantities of tea leaves and infusion time. Nevertheless, when brewed properly, both the Tea will leave you refreshed, satisfied in their own way leaving a desire for a repeat.

To help you make an informed purchase, we are sharing below representative images from our library for both Silver Needle (Assam White Tea) and Baimudan or White Peony Tea (Darjeeling White Tea) side by side. We hope it will work as a referential guide for you to see the difference in the physical appearance of Tea leaves for both types.

Assam White Tea
Silver Needle Tea
Darjeeling White Tea
White Peony Tea

Plucking Season of Silver Needle White Tea & Bai Mudan White Tea

White Tea is only harvested for a few weeks each spring across globally. The plucking month can vary depending upon the geographical location, but it will be limited from early spring to late in pursuit of true flavour. Spring harvested Tea is also expensive as they are the first Tea the plant gives after winter dormancy. These Tea Buds are selected from the prime growing areas of the tea plant and are full of various Tea Polyphenols ( Tea Plant Antioxidants).

For your note, often High-Grade White Tea comes from special cultivars( Tea Plants). So plant selection matters as all tea plants will not give the same quality of Tea. Apart from these, there are also other pre-conditions that exist prior to the decision for the making of this Tea- for example rain, hailstorms, mist, time of the day. The objective is to get the best Tea buds. They must be flawless not only at the time of plucking but also throughout the subsequent Tea making steps. In short, the making of this unique Tea is a delicate matter of Science & Art.

The Making of this Unique Tea

There is little consensus on a single definition of White Tea. However, fundamental is the Tea is the least processed among all teas. From Plucking to the final readiness, this Tea requires extreme care and attention to preserve its uniqueness. Depending on the weather and regions, wherever possible, makers use natural ventilation and bake drying. The simple yet attentive natural drying and subsequent steps result in light and fluffy Teas

In pursuit of a perfect cup

The delicacy of white Tea will turn harsh when we use extremely hot water or we over steep the Tea. Because of the light, fluffy nature, be mindful of the tea quantity as well. Compared to other teas, the quantity may initially appear more, however, it can be required to develop the recognisable flavour. White Tea is a good candidate for multiple infusions. You can steep at least twice our Bai Mudan and Silver Needle White Tea.

For beginners, the following temperature should work to start with considering a cup volume of 220 ml. You can scale up directly to meet requirements for bigger cup size, an individual mug, or a tea port as soon as you adjust your taste and make yourself familiar with it.

Measurement | Steeping Time

3 gm of White Tea for 220 ml of water | Steeping Time 1 Minute to 3 Minutes

Water Temperature | No of Steep

160-170 Degree Farenhite | 80-85 Degree Celcius | 1 to 2 consecutive steeps

Caffine Content

Traditionally, White Tea contains lesser caffeine than other tea types. However, some recent studies have pointed to the possibility of having caffeine higher than initially assumed. Even so, as the Tea typically is steeped for a shorter amount of time than other teas, the caffeine content in each brew tends to be significantly less. It finally reinforces the original estimate that the final cup of White Tea is less caffeinated.

Parting Thoughts

White Tea is the healthiest of all teas, as it contains antioxidants concentrated in the bud that helps strengthen the immune system. All over the globe, people drink it to promote longevity and youthfulness.

White Tea
Bud & First Two Leaves of a Tea Plant

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