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White Tea is the essence of Purity & Class. The simplest and the most ancient, White Tea posses exquisitely cleansing, restorative and mood lifting qualities.

Handmade White Tea

If you are looking for authentic white tea leaves, You are at the right place. Explore our handcrafted white tea collection. Experience the authentic taste. The natural tenderness of the tea leaves offers the utmost refreshment. The handmade process keeps the velvety furs intact and gives you exquisite liquor. Feel the sensation of rich mineral notes. You’ll want to indulge in this taste again and again. Order Pure White tea online from our store. Level up your wellness journey!

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silver needle white tea
silver needle white tea

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Taste Authentic Silver Needle White Tea Today. Give yourself a Toast of Forest Honey Notes | Deep amber liquor – Refreshing taste | Feel your rejuvenated in each sip | Our Pure Silver Needle White Tea will take your tea experience to next level

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Look Younger – Feel Better With White Tea

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A remarkable Sun dried White Tea. Feel rich mineral notes in each sip. Thirst-quenching, excitable but easy going White Tea from Darjeeling

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White Tea is a Natural Source of Health. It is a Rich Source of L-Theanine

The Best White Tea

The aroma of White Tea is delicate and ultra-fine. The Silver Needle (at times synonyms as Silver Tips) will consist of long, slender, uniform, unbroken sword-shaped tea buds. Appearance is elegant and distinguished. Tea Buds is soft, perfect in shape, velvety in touch & feel bearing a matte look.

Bai Mudan White Tea (also known as White Peony Tea) consists of dried leaves along with tea buds in varying proportions. Another perfectly good and delicious Tea to enjoy.

Making of these Rare & Unique Teas are not only a subject of learned skills but also a matter of geographical location to capture the “Original” taste, flavour & style. We select our Teas considering all factors. Our Tea selection conspires to give you a recognizable flavour, consistent quality and superior tea drinking experience.

The health benefits of drinking white teas are many. It is the tea with highest antioxidants. It is also known to have age retarding properties. Choose your white tea from our store and order your white tea online.

True White Tea is Delicious

As a beverage, it is exceptionally mellow, soft and pleasant at the palate.

Bai Mudan and White Peony are two different names for the same class of Tea. It gives a light-coloured liquor in either apple green or hued yellow. The taste is clear, syrupy and thirst-quenching in sensation; characterized by sweet corn & mellow floral-fruity notes. It is possible to find vegetal notes for an over-steeped Tea.

In Silver Needle White Tea, you will find rich mineral notes with subdued aromas and flavours that suggest forest honey, chestnuts, toast & apricots. Pleasant notes of cocoa is present. In each types of tea, the liquor colour and taste is a reflection of the unique processing. Quality of tea buds, young leaves and tea plant variety add distinction. The quantities of tea leaves and brewing time also matter how tea will taste at the cup.

White Tea: The Weight Loss Secret

It is not only our foods but also what we drink that can make a great impact on our weight loss journey. Experts suggest that white tea in the diet is an excellent habit to lose weight. Preparing a cup of tea is simple. So if you are planning to lose weight- drink white tea to fulfil your goal.

How actually white teas can help to melt body fat?

White tea is rich in dietary antioxidants. Scientists call the antioxidants as tea polyphenols. They are organic compounds. Research suggests tea polyphenols have the potential to suppress fat accumulation and burn body fat.

White tea-Enjoy a Zero Calorie Drink

How does white tea prevent obesity?

One of the most well-studied tea polyphenols in white tea is catechin. Research suggests that catechin and caffeine together can induce weight-loss effects. They suppress fat accumulation in our bodies through different complex mechanisms.

Digestive Enzyme Inhibition

When we eat fats and oils, they transform into smaller fatty acids during digestion. This allows their absorption into our body. Tea polyphenols prevent this fat synthesis inside the stomach. The tea polyphenols in white tea lower the rate of sugar absorption. This reduces the calorie load of a meal. This helps in fighting obesity.

White tea burns Fat

Fat is an energy reserve for our body. Our body control body fat by two processes- lipolysis and lipogenesis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of body fat for energy. Lipogenesis is the reverse process. It converts excess energy into fat for later usage.

New research suggests tea polyphenols potentially aid in fat burning. It also suggests tea prevents fat accumulation. The published research document is available at National Center for Biotechnology Information.

The paper says tea, not only breaks down the fat but also prevents new fat cells from forming. It aids in excreting carbohydrates out of the body before they can be digested. This process decreases energy intake and prevents fat formation. Access the Research Article here.

Body metabolism via AMPK

Our body uses an energy-sensing mechanism to determine the final state of body fat. Scientist calls this AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPK adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase). AMPK is a fuel-sensing enzyme (a protein) present in cells. When activated it stimulates glucose uptake or fatty acid oxidation (Fat burning). It also decreases energy-consuming processes such as protein synthesis. Physical exercise is the most powerful activator of AMPK.

White tea has the highest tea polyphenols. It also has the greatest potential to influence AMPK mechanisms. It is capable of activating lipolysis and inhibiting lipogenesis. Studies have shown a positive correlation between tea polyphenols content and these processes. Modulation of AMPK enhances fat burning. It arrests the conversion of glucose into fat (gluconeogenesis).

In this discussion, we learned how white tea breaks down fat cells. We have also covered how it prevents the new fat cells from forming.

White tea in diet

We have to keep in mind that comprehensive weight loss requires a lifestyle approach. This includes both diet changes and activity. An effective weight loss journey begins when we pair a sensible diet & exercise. White tea is a powerful fit in such a diet plan. Rich in tea polyphenols, white tea can fast-track your weight loss goals.

What is White Tea

White teas are young tea buds harvested from the camellia sinensis tea plant. The young tea leaves and buds are dried to give the final product-white tea leaves. There is little consensus on a single definition of White Tea. However, the fundamental is the Tea is the least processed among all teas. From Plucking to the final readiness, this Tea requires extreme care and attention to preserve its uniqueness. Depending on the weather and regions, wherever possible, makers use natural ventilation and bake drying. The simple yet attentive natural drying and subsequent steps result in light and fluffy Teas.

White Tea – The Gift is bestowed by Nature

The Making of White Tea

White Tea is the dried tea leaves(young) and buds harvested from the camellia Sinensis plant. It is the tea in the purest form. One of the most delicate, white tea is handmade. Least processed, the making of white tea is unique. This tea in some cases is sun-dried.

Process and availability make white tea one of the singular teas in the world. There are also external factors that play an essential role in the selection & making of this tea. They are tea plant variety, plucking season, soil, sun, atmosphere, elevation, and rain. Not to mention one need to be an expert plucker to select the right tea bud and young leaves. These factors contribute to the making of white tea as an art. They also give white tea a unique fragrant flavour.

One Special Tea for Loved one

White tea is a special tea and is in high demand due to its many health benefits. Authentic White Tea contains the highest amount of tea polyphenols and is a treasure for good health. Drinking white tea is an excellent habit to lose weight. Healthy and Delicious, regular drinking of white tea keep us looking younger. High Demand and low availability make this tea very prone to counterfeit & adulteration. Be mindful of this.

The world loves it. You will also do. When you buy white tea, ensure that you buy the real one.

White tea is not only the world’s most treasured tea but also a rare tea for collecting & gifting. We sell pure white tea leaves. Unblended & Authentic. 100% Natural-Pure white tea leaves.

Enjoy your way to some of the best white teas with us. Discover our collection and order online pure white tea from our store.

Making of White Tea

Harvesting of white tea starts for a few weeks each spring globally. The plucking month can vary depending upon the geographical location. Also, the tea plants variety matters. Usually, harvesting begins in early spring to capture the true flavour & Health Attributes. Spring harvested white tea is expensive. This is because they are the first leaves the tea plants give after winter dormancy.

There are certain pre-conditions that exist before deciding to make white tea – for example, rain, hailstorms, mist, and time of the day. The aim is to get the best tea plants bud. They must be flawless. The buds and young tea leaves should be perfect at the time of plucking. They need to remain in good shape throughout the entire white tea-making steps.

It is a practice that High-Grade Tea comes from special cultivars( Tea Plants). All tea tea plants will not yield same quality of white tea, plant selection matter.

Prepare a Cup of White Tea

The delicacy of this amazing Tea will turn harsh when we use extremely hot water or we over steep the Tea. Because of the light, fluffy nature, be mindful of the tea quantity as well. Compared to other teas, the quantity may initially appear more, however, it can be required to develop the recognizable flavour. It is a good candidate for multiple infusions. You can steep at least twice our teas.

For beginners, the following temperature should work to start with considering a cup volume of 220 ml. You can scale up directly to meet requirements for a bigger cup size, an individual mug, or a tea port as soon as you adjust your taste and make yourself familiar with it.

Measurement | Steeping Time

3 gm of White Tea for 220 ml of water | Steeping Time 1 Minute to 3 Minutes

Water Temperature | No of Steep

160-170 Degree Farenhite | 80-85 Degree Celcius | 1 to 2 consecutive steeps

Caffeine Content

Traditionally, White Tea contains lesser caffeine than other tea types. However, some recent studies have pointed to the possibility of having caffeine higher than initially assumed. Even so, as the Tea typically is steeped for a shorter amount of time than other teas, the caffeine content in each brew tends to be significantly less. This finally reinforces the original estimate that the final cup is less caffeinated

Drink Pure Tea

White Tea is the healthiest of all teas, as it contains antioxidants concentrated in the bud that help strengthen the immune system. All over the globe, people drink this tea to promote longevity and youthfulness. Enjoy their captivating aromas and soothing flavours. Experience the incomparable taste and the goodness of fine teas in your everyday life. Buy white tea Online from our store & rejoice in an authentic white tea cup delightfully.

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