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Explore Tea from Tea Type. Discover a world of Flavourful Small Batch Tea. We have limited edition White Tea, Oolong, Green, Black and CTC Tea. Choose and uncover subtle tastes in them. The uniqueness of Small-Batch Teas are they are produced in small quantities. This allowed the tea maker to take great attention to detail in the art of Tea making. It is a new concept. If you have not ventured into it, tasted small batch tea, try exploring some of our tea. You will find differences.

We are in the process of adding more tea here. If our Tea Types is useful to you and helps you to reach your tea quicker, we are delighted. That is our reward.

White Tea
White Tea

White Tea

There is a fine art in the making of White Tea. But it does not end there. From plucking of Tea Leaves to selection, from tasting to store, there is a meticulous journey of this distinguished tea. See how we maintain exceptional levels of quality, Buy and learn how to brew a perfect cup of White Tea here.



If you refuse to accept anything but the finest teas – in terms of flavour, aroma, strength and consistency, experience Our CTC From the land of Origin Assam. It is a great pleasure to enjoy & offer delicious Assam CTC Tea to any tea drinker in its Original taste.

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