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Explore the World of Single Origin Tea

Discover delightful flavour of single origin small batch tea. We have limited edition White, Oolong, Green, Black and Assam CTC Tea. Uncover subtle tastes in them. The uniqueness of Small-Batch Teas are they are produced in small quantities. This allows the tea maker to give great attention in the art of Tea making. If you have not tasted such tea, try exploring some from us.

Our Everyday moments are reflection of our taste. It makes us different from others, We create exceptional tea experience for everyone. A gratifying one. That is our reward.

single origin tea
white tea single origin

White Tea

There is a fine art in the making of White Tea. But it does not end there. From plucking of Tea Leaves and tasting to store, there is a meticulous journey of single origin tea. See how we maintain exceptional levels of quality and learn how to brew a perfect cup of White Tea here.

assam ctc single tea
assam ctc tea single origin


If you refuse to accept anything but the finest teas – in terms of flavour, aroma, strength and consistency, experience Our CTC From Assam. It is a great pleasure to enjoy & offer pure Assam CTC of single origin tea to any tea drinker in its authentic taste ! Its Delicious!

Single Origin Green Tea

single origin tea
green tea single origin

Explore our handpicked collection of single origin Assam & Darjeeling Green Tea. Assam Green Tea gives you a brisk cup. The liquor is mildly astringent. Darjeeling Organic Green Tea in Super Fine Grade gives a mellow liquor. Both the Green Tea reflects their terroir. You will experience delicate sweetness as an aftertaste in the mouth. Both are refreshing Green Tea. Suit your taste while choosing.

What is Single Origin Tea

Single-origin teas are of a specific region that produces specialised tea. Although the tea plant, and the production processes are similar, local climate, soil type, garden altitude & varitals can change how the teas finally taste in a cup. That local distinctiveness are more pronounced with single origin teas. They also highlights the skill and craftsmanship of the people that produce the tea along with the origin. is one of the deciding factors that contribute to its specific flavour. The advantages of single-estate teas are that the drinker learns about their teas more preciously. Since the origin contributes to the specific flavours (and tastes), these teas offers originality & greater transparency to buyers at a time when authenticity, sustainability and environmental awareness are more important than ever before.

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