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Single Origin Tea

single origin tea

Discover Singularity of Taste

Diversified flavors among regions – The taste is unique for Single Origin Tea!

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Discover the exciting world of single origin tea. The uniqueness of these tea leaves is their distinctive taste & flavour. If you have not tasted them yet, you should. We sell online some of the best single-origin teas from Assam & Darjeeling. Uncover subtle notes in them and Experience the difference.

Our Everyday moments are reflection of our taste. It makes us different from others, We are here to create an exceptional tea experience for everyone. A gratifying one.

single origin assam tea

Pure Assam CTC Tea

If you refuse to settle for any “cup of tea with milk” and insists on a definitive taste, flavour, aroma & strength, experience Our Single Origin Tea. Enjoy The Original Taste & Its deliciousness.

white tea riverbeki

Pure White Tea

Art of making of White Tea starts from season, tea leaves selection, plucking & making. Each Step has to be meticulous. Order White Tea of exceptional quality & brew a perfect cup

No two teas are equal.
Single Origin Teas offers “Uniqueness of the original flavour and tea character”.
Many find this interesting

Single Origin Pure Green Tea – Unblended

green tea leaves single origin

Pure Green Tea

Unblended Assam Single Origin Green Tea has unique flavor and characteristics – Experience it

The characteristics of Single Origin Teas depends on many factors-on variety and place of origin. More and more customers come to love these flavours. Almost all green teas available in today’s market is a mass-produced, blended and without singularity. It is pleasing that the numbers of single variety lovers are on the Rise !

Darjeeling Muscatel Tea – Second Flush Black Tea

black tea leaves
Darjeeling Muscatel Tea

Muscatel refers to an extraordinary & elusive but rich flavor found in some Darjeeling teas, especially the second flush teas. It is difficult to describe in words but easy to recognize because of its distinctive character. It has resemblance to “honeyed flavour in frutiness of muscat grapes” that is not present in other teas. With a “musky spiciness” & “notes of dried raisins”, may be “muscatel” is something that should be silently enjoyed. Darjeeling teas with this rare flavour is prized by tea aficionados.

Diversity in Single Origin Tea brings Awareness

Single-origin are specific to a region that produces specialized tea. Although the production processes are similar, local climate, soil type, garden altitude & varitals can change how the teas finally taste in a cup. This local distinctiveness contributing to the specific flavor is more profound with single origin teas. They highlights the skill and craftsmanship of the people that produce the tea as well. The drinker learns about their teas more preciously, experience originality & has access to greater transparency at a time when authenticity, sustainability and environmental awareness are more important than ever before.

Buy Single Origin Tea-Discover New Taste

The expression “Single Origin” is already familiar in the world of wine, whisky, and coffee, but its sign is only appearing in the world of tea. From us you will find some of the best single origin teas. Order online from our store and enjoy it with your own eyes, nose and tongue.

single origin tea
single origin tea