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Please allow us to bring some of the rare and limited edition tea, Small quantity Raw Honey and Single Origin Spice carefully chosen for you. We cannot guarantee that you will shop for any of our products now. We want you to explore us.

Get yourself some No gimmick | No Non-Nonsense Tea

As we say, we sell True Tea. Tea that you can sip all damn day. The tea you can steep multiple times. No gimmick! Take our tea for Good Health. Drink them as a tonic as they are.

Greet Guests with some delicious food | Our Real Spice enhances Food Flavours

What cooking do you plan today? You will remember us. Our single-origin spices are authentic and flavourful. A perfect choice for those who just want to cook up with love. Collected from the hinterlands in tiny batches, they are fresh. You have to experience them to see the difference. Our spices can make your cooking fun! It a privilege & joyful experience is to share good food with our loved ones. We share good health by that.

Can you settle yourself in Raw Honey for sugar craving?

Our Raw Honey is a perfect fit for your family health. Common truth is that Raw honey is not only good for health but it also represents our culture. Whether you add a spoon to your morning breakfast menu or dinner, Raw honey not only provides you with some of the best nutrients and also protect you naturally by enhancing immunity.

Make an informed purchase. Help is here

Please go through our product, content & descriptions even before making a small purchase. If you have questions, reach out. Call, email us. We love questions and are ready to assist you. Be mindful. We want you to make an informed purchase. Once you do that, we are very much sure, you will come back to us. We have a high repeat being new. We are glad you are with us today and happy & delighted to receive you.  

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