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Riverbeki Tea to suit every occasion & Taste

Before we talk about our Riverbeki Tea Collection, let us tell you that Tea is Vast. There are as many as 1500 types of different Tea worldwide. And if we take into account Tea-based infusions, the number can go astonishingly high. Above this, there are thousands and thousands of options available-from brick & mortar to online shops that sell Tea, serve Tea and allied products. So finding a good place to purchase Tea can be daunting work.

In Riverbeki Tea, We keep our Tea stock minimum. In precise words, We sell Selected products. But that does not mean inferior products. In reality, our products are far superior compared to many others since we keep only the chosen ones. You can term them as a Curated collection of Specialty Tea. This curated List makes a choice easy for our buyers. 

Assam Tea

Assam tea is amongst the richest and most full-bodied in the world. The tropical climate and lower elevation contribute to Assam’s unique malty & bold taste, deep colour & aroma. Our Assam CTC, Black Orthodox tea, Green Tea, and Silver Needle White tea possess distinctive characteristics, giving a genuine Assam Cup.

Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling produces some of the finest Tea in the world and their tea is referred to as the “Champagne of teas”. Our Spring, known as First Flush Tea displays beautiful sweetness and astringent fragrant flavours. Summer or Second Flush Tea has more prominent, deeper flavours with winey and fruit-like nuances.

Falap Tea

The Singphos, a tribal community residing in parts of Northeast India are believed to be India’s first tea drinkers. To this day, they make tea on their own and it is known as Falap. In their unique tea making process, the sun-dried leaves get a smoky flavour. Like wine, the smoked flavour of the tea matures more with time.

We learn Tea, and we deliver Tea

We are fascinated by the uniqueness and diversity of our tastes. It has given us such an exciting field to learn, experiment and understand. In Riverbeki, we know, remember and take care of your favourites. We appreciate your day to day requirements and budget. And we handle this information as our guiding light while selecting our products. In a true sense, we act as your sourcing agent.

Riverbeki Tea Collection

Our Tea Collection contains some of the best Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea year after year to suit every occasion of your life. Let it be a Silver Needle White Tea or Darjeeling Organic Green Tea, a fine spring Oolong Tea from Darjeeling or Second Flush Assam Orthodox, Handcrafted Tea or Darjeeling Summer Black Tea we have them in our offer. You can order Rare Darjeeling Muscatel Tea to Premium Assam CTC from our Online Store in one go. With Riverbeki, when you sit back and relax in the comfort of your home, we take care of our job to bring your favourite Tea securely to the kitchen shelf.

Sourcing of Riverbeki Tea

Riverbeki Tea Collection is a reflection of our Taste. Let us explain this to you. For example, the Tea we keep here for sale is the Tea we use every day in our home. They are some of the best Tea in class and Taste from Assam & Darjeeling. Since we are directly sourcing our Tea from the Gardens, it helps us save time and money. It also offers us the opportunity to keep the freshness of a good Tea intact. We pass them to our customers. With the Superior quality, Signature style and Taste, we can assure that our buyers get the best refreshments and nutrition for their buy at the most competitive prices at that class & standard.

We sell Specialty Tea

We buy and sell Speciality Tea. Now let us take you what does that mean. The definition and interpretation of Speciality Tea vary from person to person, region to region. There is no standard definition so far. So let us clear our stand what we mean. To us, Speciality Tea is the Highest Order of Tea that has both refreshment and health attributes. They are usually high-grade loose leaf tea, in particular, produced in smaller quantities or small batches. Smaller batch allows excellent attention and care while making these types of Tea, retaining extraordinary product qualities, desired character, Taste, flavours, and health benefits. 

Riverbeki SpecialityTea Leaves from Botanical Aspects 

Selection of Tea Leaves matter here. Leaves should always be from the prime growth areas, for example, the first two leaves & buds. Speciality Tea is seasonal Tea. There is a particular time for each year to prepare them. In that sense, they are limited edition Tea and usually not available in the market at all the time. They are also authentic Tea, with 100% Tea Leaves and rich in Tea Polyphenols. Health attributions of Tea drinking are primarily due to the Tea Polyphenols. They are a cluster of powerful antioxidants. Today, scientists have found Tea’s healthfulness and therapeutic properties. Numerous studies have yielded exciting results suggesting how Tea can help us stay young, maintain good health and enhance creativity.

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