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Tea For All

Tea is Vast. There are as many as 1500 types of different Tea in the world. If we count Tea-based infusions, the number can go astonishingly high. So finding right teas can be daunting work. In Riverbeki, We keep selected Teas. This makes choice easy for our buyers. 

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Pure Assam Tea

Assam tea is amongst the richest and most full-bodied in the world. The tropical climate and lower elevation contribute to Assam’s unique malty & bold taste, deep colour & aroma. Our Assam CTC, Black Orthodox tea, Green Tea, and Silver Needle White tea possess distinctive characteristics, giving a genuine Assam Cup

Authentic Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling produces some of the finest Tea in the world and their tea is referred to as the “Champagne of teas”. Our Spring, known as First Flush Tea displays beautiful sweetness and astringent fragrant flavours. Summer or Second Flush Tea has more prominent, deeper flavours with winey and fruit-like nuances.

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Pure Tea Culture

The uniqueness and diversity of Pure Teas is fascinating. In Riverbeki, we remember your favorite teas. We understand budget. Value For Money & Quality are the guiding light while offering products to our buyers.

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Riverbeki Pure Tea

You can order some of the best Assam Tea and Darjeeling Teas from us in one go. Our tea collection is to suit every occasion of your life. Enjoy a cup of tea in the comfort of your home with Riverbeki Pure Tea.

Tea Sourcing

Riverbeki Tea Collection is a reflection of our Taste. Tea we sale here is the Tea we use every day in our home. We directly source Tea from Assam & Darjeeling Gardens. They are fresh Tea. Our Promise the best refreshments and Taste for our teas at the most competitive price.

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Specialty Tea

The definition and interpretation of Specialty Tea vary from person to person and region to region. To us it is the highest order of tea which offers both refreshment and health. Such Teas are made with utmost care & attention, thus they retain Highest Qualities, Rich Flavors, Taste and Antioxidants. 

Tea & Health

Pure Tea is one of the major source of Dietary Antioxidants. That is the primary motive of drinking tea. Antioxidants are the highest on the tea leaves which belong to prime growth areas, such as the buds & first two leaves. High Quality Teas are seasonal and made from it.

Scientists have documented many therapeutic properties how drinking tea can help us staying young – maintaining good health and longevity.

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Drinking Pure Tea is a Secret of Good Health

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