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Tea by terroir

Discover new taste sensations

Embark on a journey of flavours with our hand-picked teas. Awaken your senses. Indulge in the exotic flavours. Elevate your experience with Tea by terroir, our exclusive regional collections. Sip your way, the world’s finest teas.

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What is Terroir in Tea 

Terroir is an ecosystem, in a given place, including factors like climate, cultivar, geography and topography. It also includes soil characteristics like mineral nutrition and water supply.

It influences the final taste of Tea in the cup.

Tea by Terroir

Tea lover’s ultimate paradise

Experience teas like never before with the world-renowned Assam and Darjeeling varieties. Discover rich and complex flavours – the world’s best-kept secret! Savour unique heritage & distinction teas. Start your sensory adventure with the world’s finest treasure. Unlock the Best Assam and Darjeeling Teas with us.

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Pure Assam Tea

Riverbeki Brings You Some of The Most Authentic Assam Tea Experience with Handpicked 100% Assam Tea Collections

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Assam Orthodox Tea

Riverbeki Brings You Some of The Best Assam Orthodox Tea with 100% Leaves Collection

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Genuine Darjeeling Tea

Riverbeki Brings You the Delight of Pure Darjeeling Tea Experience with Soulful Darjeeling Tea Collections

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Choose from our curated Tea

Real White Tea

White Tea – Cup to Youthfulness

White Tea comprises new, young tea leaves and buds from the Tea plant. The final product consists of young tea leaves in a concave shape and silvery buds in the prime growth stage.

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Green Tea Leaves – Daily Self Care Tea

A Cup of Pure Green Tea Removes Free Radicals from Our Bodies. Drinking Green Tea Detox our bodies and enhances activeness. It also aids in Weight Loss.

Assam Black Tea – English Breakfast Tea

Pure Assam Black Tea Refreshes you quickly moves. A Bold Cup of Assam Black Tea in the Morning brighten up your day with Zeal in an English Way.

Oolong Tea – One Delightful Tea

Enjoy Our Refreshing Oolong Tea. A Tasty Cup of Oolong Tea can Brighten Up your day. Anytime is a Good Time here.

Enjoy flavourful, tasteful, top-quality tea with Riverbeki

Genuine Assam Cup

Riverbeki Assam Tea brings you an authentic Assam Tea Experience.

100 % Assam Tea

The Original Assam Cup

assam gold tea

Assam Gold – Kadak Chai

Our Top Selling Assam Gold Tea Takes You to the Forgotten Taste of Authentic Assam Cup. Enjoy One Kadak Chai – Every time.

Family Time Kadak Chai

Assam Delight – Premium Assam Tea

One of Our Popular Packet Tea Assam Delight Gives You A Refreshing Cup. Aromatic & Strong – Enjoy the Taste of an Authentic Assam Cup Today

100% Assam Tea

For a Strong & Tasty Chai

Single Origin Assam – Refreshing Tea

100% Assam – Not Blended with Teas from Other Regions. Gives you the Taste of an Authentic Assam Cup

darjeeling tea

Celebrate The Existence & Gift of Nature with The Legends. Overwhelm Your Senses With Darjeeling Tea – The Most Coveted Tea in the World

Authentic Darjeeling Tea

True Darjeeling Tea flavor can not be replicated anywhere in the world.
It is known as “Champagne of Tea”

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darjeeling tea

Darjeeling Muscatel Tea

Impeachable Aromas- Delectable Taste. Every Sip is a Magic. Enjoy Darjeeling Muscatel – Riverbeki’s Handpicked Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea

moondrop tea

Darjeeling MoonDrop Tea

Enjoy One Rare Handcrafted Darjeeling Tea – Savour Yourself With an Unmatched Taste & Flavour. The Unique MoonDrop Tea is Riverbeki’s Top Pick for an Exquisite Darjeeling Tea Drinking Experience

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Be Original – Taste Original

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