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Unleash the Power of Pure Tea: Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Senses!

What is Pure Tea

Pure tea means – 100% Tea. No additives. No artificial flavours. No added colours. Tea in original natural taste.

Pure tea refers to tea that is made solely from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It is without any additional ingredients or additives. It is the unadulterated form of tea, often celebrated for its natural flavors, aroma, and health benefits.

tea shop online

Good Teas are absolute joy!

Riverbeki brings you some of the best teas online. Buy 100% fresh, delicious teas directly sourced from the gardens of Assam & Darjeeling.

Types of Pure Tea

Pure tea can come in various types. For example – green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, and more. Each bears its unique characteristics and processing methods. The purity of the tea leaves ensures a genuine tea experience. It allows the true essence of the tea to shine through.

100% Tea

Tea in Pure from is one of the healthiest beverage available on earth.

Bestowed by Nature, Pure Teas are rich in Tea Polyphenols. Tea Polyphenols are Natural Antioxidants. Antioxidants protect our cells against damages caused by free radicals. Modern science has found many health-promoting & healing properties of pure teas.

Riverbeki is committed to bring purity of tea to its buyers in original form. It aspires to generate authentic tea drinking experience.

Happiness With Tea

Our journey started in 2018. We ensure our teas are authentic & value for money. We select them to be tasty & healthy. Each packet of Riverbeki tea brings purity of taste & originality.

Riverbeki Single Origin Tea -SOT

Single Origin Tea means “Uniqueness of the original flavour and tea character”. They are Pure Tea Leaves, representing one particular region, locality, cultivar and in some case also harvest. In most of the cases they are unblended tea.

Essence of SOT

The essence of each single origins teas are unique. Since no two teas are same, the taste & flavour of each Single-Origin Teas are unique. Discovering such singularity and distinctive notes among one tea brings lucidity. They are delicious teas to awake your taste buds and trending.

Make Informed Purchase

Riverbeki Tea Product descriptions are sufficiently detailed. This helps our customers to make an informed purchase.

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Mythology & history related to Tea

Chinese mythology teaches us that in the year 2737 B.C. Emperor Shen Nung discovered TeaTea. According to the Chinese medical book, the Pen T’sao, written during the Han Dynasty, circa 25 to 221 A.D. The first mention of Tea is believed to occur in the Erh Ya, a Chinese dictionary circa 400 B.C.

The modern character ch’a, meaning Tea, was popularized later on the writing of “The Classic of Tea”, Ch’a Ching, by Lu Yu in 780 A.D.

This historical chronology is highly relevant because before the Tang dynasty (618 to 906 A.D.) Tea was probably only considered as a medicinal, but then became famous as a beverage. The method of brewing and consuming Tea changes as it moves from culture to culture with the acceptability to the consumer.

Wellness With Tea

Nature gives everything for our health and nutrition. Make conscious decisions on Food, Beverage & Lifestyle. Riverbeki handpicked products are pure & devoid of artificial flavours. We follow hygienic packaging standards. Enjoy you way to some of the best teas at the most competitive prices.

Pure Tea is rich in Natural Antioxidants.

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