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Enjoy the Goodness of single origin, unblended, 100% Assam Tea! With rich malty notes of an authentic Assam Cup, each sip brings delight & freshness. Buy Pure Assam CTC Tea online from our online store and own an original Assam tea experience today.

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Assam Gold Tea

Enjoy the exceptional quality, great taste and mesmerizing aroma of Assam Gold Tea. 100% Assam tea-Unblended CTC Tea-Single Origin Assam Tea. If you are looking for a strong tea-This is your tea. Each cup brings an authentic Assam tea experience.

Vintage Assam Tea

Tasty and aromatic, Vintage Assam is a superb choice for those who are seeking a well-rounded Milk Tea throughout the day. Get yourself soaked in its distinguished taste and thrive a delightful experience of a fine Assam cup.

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Royal Assam Tea

Enjoy One Refreshing Tea today with Royal Assam Tea. Get the Taste of Garden Fresh Tea Sourced Straight From Assam

Classic Assam Tea

Treat yourself to a Tasty & Refreshing cup of Assam tea. Enjoy an unblended & original Assam Tea and thrive on an exceptional Assam Tea drinking experience. Classic Assam Tea Packet contains Aromatic & Strong Tea Powder from Pure Assam CTC Tea Leaves – A 100% Assam Tea Product.

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Assam Delight Tea

Made From 100% Assam Tea Leaves, Assam Delight Premium Tea offers You a Strong & Tasty Chai. Full of Strength & Flavour, each packet of tea brings you the pure delight of a genuine Assam cup. Make delicious milk tea at home- enjoy a kadak tea in milk. This Packet of Tea contains Strong Assam Tea – Tea Powder | Pure Assam CTC Tea Leaves -100% Assam Tea.

Buyer’s Guide for Pure Assam Tea

Pure Assam Tea Means Kadak Chai

Assam is India’s largest Tea producing state and the largest CTC tea producing region in the world. It makes approximately 51% of India’s Tea and nearly 11% of the world’s Tea. 

What is CTC Tea?

CTC stands for “Crush,Tear and Curl”. It is the name of a tea manufacturing method. It gives Tea Granules as a final product. The physical appearance of these granules can vary. They are segregated into different grades depending on the size. Tea produced by this method is known as CTC Tea. 

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Assam Tea – World Loves it !

Riverbeki Pure Assam Tea

Our Tea offers a revitalizing cup – Kadak Chai. Add spices to suit your personal taste without losing strength. 

Celebrating Assam Tea

We do not blend our tea with CTC Teas from other regions. It is 100% Assam Tea. Each Riverbeki Tea offers a superior tea drinking experience. This commitment you will seldom find Online.

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Enjoy An Authentic Assam Cup With 100% Assam Tea

Sourcing of Assam Tea

We source some of the best Assam Teas in Quality, Taste & Class. Riverbeki means 100% Assam Tea Experience

Top Quality

We keep selected teas-the best & the premium. This practice sets us apart from the market. Our Teas reflect our Taste. We refuse to sell teas that fail the quality, taste & class. We deliver an authentic Assam Tea drinking experience.

One Right Cup of Tea Makes The Day

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