Wilmax Porcelain Teapot | 500 ml

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Wilmax Porcelain Teapot: Elegantly designed and exquisitely attractive, this porcelain Teapot is translucent, resonant, durable, withstand high temperature, and is meant for everyday use. It comes with a lid-lock. The lid doesn’t drop while pouring the tea, and a spout strainer holds back the tea leaves, which makes the whole process convenient and safe. Design: 994018 | Wilmax Porcelain Teapot | 500 ml

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Wilmax Porcelain Teapot : It has low water absorption, below 0.1%. Thus, this Tea pot  does not absorb odors, intermix different flavors and easy to clean. Value for money, it can ameliorate your Tea brewing tea experience in trendy, upscale, and global manner.

Health Safety: It is made from pollutant-free raw materials in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements of UK & European Standard and absolutely safe for health as confirmed by laboratory tests.

Why Porcelain Tea ware?

Porcelain is strong and durable, thermal-resistant, and products from it can be elegantly designed. Furthermore, porcelain tableware retains heat, which keeps the inside product hot for a long time. They do not contain bone ash. The history of porcelain dates back centuries. In the past years, style and taste have changed, but porcelain never goes out of fashion. Despite its seeming fragility, porcelain can be called one of the timeless values, which bring beauty and elegance into our life. Thin, delicate porcelain is a precious decoration for any table, highlighting any interior design.

What is the specialty of a Teapot?

The teapot is a symbol of friendship. Indeed like tea, the teapot is a source of pure joy, comfort, and reassurance. This product serves as decoration on the dining table and acts as a great gift for home décor, housewarming, wedding, birthday, family reunion, or any other party.



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