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Raw Honey is Natural Unprocessed Honey collected from Bee-Hives. The Honey without any processing-in Particular Pasteurization. After collection, Raw Honey is put through a straining process to eliminate extraneous material like honeycombs pieces, dead bees, and beeswax. The distinctive feature of Raw Honey is its natural aroma, colour, flavour and presence of minerals, amino acids, enzymes, bio-active elements. Raw Honey is a nutritious, healthy, and delicious natural food.

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Riverbeki Raw Honey is a Natural Bee-Hive Honey in Raw form. It is pure and unprocessed Honey. Our product may contain particles of pollen, minor honeycomb pieces or propolis depending on season and Source. These elements are actually an integral part of the product and contribute to a unique flavour and texture. It also adds to its popularity as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bioactive compounds, and antioxidants in natural forms remain intact and define the character of the product. For them, Raw Honey is considered beneficial to overall health. 

Raw Honey Sourcing

We source our Raw Honey from trustworthy networks. Our honey is limited in quantity. It is collected in seasons after bees are producing it from flower blossoms. Our product may look cloudier than processed Honey. Similarly, It tends to have seasonal variations in colour, texture & taste depending on Source and origin. We sell it in our own retail pack.

Raw Honey vs Regular Honey

Here is some basic difference between Raw Honey and Processed Honey. Raw Honey comes straight from the honeycomb. The beekeeper filters the Honey to remove tiny debris, including pollen, beeswax, and parts of dead bees. It is not pasteurized product. Regular, or Processed Honey, is clearer in appearance. The pasteurization process brings homogeneity and eliminates certain bioactive components. The pasteurization Process may also reduce the number of antioxidants and nutrients present in Honey.

Composition of Raw Honey

Let us briefly look at the ingredients of Honey. The chemical composition is no doubt, complex. In general, it contains about 200 substances from amino acids, vitamins, minerals to enzymes. But primarily, it contains natural sugar and water. Fructose and glucose represent 85 to 95% of the total sugars in Honey. Bio-Active agents consist of 4 to 5%. The Mineral compounds range from 0.1% to 1.0 %, where Potassium is the primary element, followed by calcium, magnesium. The actual composition of Honey varies, depending on factors such as floral Source, climate, environmental conditions, and the processing it undergoes.

Raw Honey-Basic Terms

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen provides nutritional food for bees. It is a natural mixture of bee secretions, Honey, enzymes, wax, and flower pollen. Bee pollen provides Honey with the natural ability to heal wounds and kill bacteria. 

Bee Propolis

Propolis is a sticky mixture that bee creates combining substances from plants and trees. Bees use them to build their hives. Scientists believe that it is equally healthful to humans. Propolis is the most potent bee product for preventing and controlling viral infections and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. 

Raw Honey & Wellness

In this paragraph, let us look at few reasons why Raw Honey is considered important to overall health.

Firstly, we all know that free radicals are harmful to our bodies. The presence of free radicals causes many diseases. It is good for overall health that we remove the excess Free radicals. In other words, we detox our bodies regularly. Antioxidants present in Raw Honey does it providing a synergistic healing effect. 

Secondly, Amino Acids are building blocks for our health. there are more than 25 free amino acids in Raw Honey. Proline is the primary one and it is a crucial component of protein found in our bodies.

Thirdly, Clinical evidence & research suggest that Raw Honey may be good for improved brain functioning, memory retention and learning. Research findings indicate that the consumption of Raw Honey may mitigate anxiety and provides relief from stress-induced diseases. An antioxidant “pinocembrin” present in Raw Honey benefits the human brain. 

Finally, there are other benefits of Raw Honey too. It is good for the stomach and digestive system. It boosts immunity. The natural sugar in it gives an instant energy boost. As the glycemic index of it is lower than that of table sugar, Raw Honey does not spike blood sugar immediately as white sugar and can act as a healthy substitute.

Fun Facts about The Bees 

It appears that Honey Bees know economics. They build the hexagon as a building block for their combs. It is to save effort and expenditure of energy. In other words, they make this particular shape to optimize the building material and get the maximal strength for honeycombs in the Beehives. It is about storing Heavy Raw Honey scientifically and economically- In general, a comb of 100 gm weight can hold up to 4 kg of Honey in it. 

What do bees see?

Bees see the world quite differently from us. Bees can see ultraviolet light. Seeing ultraviolet light helps bees see secret patterns flowers display to show where their nectar is hidden.

Finding the Best Flower & Waggle Dance

Once a bee finds a good flower, she collects the nectar and returns to the hive. After reaching the hive, she dances to tell other members of her colony about it and encourages them to reach that good flower and collect more nectar from it. In this special dance, the bee also gives the watching bees a taste of the nectar she gathered. Smell, taste and dancing movement help other bees find the correct flower source. This highly symbolic and unique, particular figure-eight dance of the Honey Bee to communicate about nectar source is Waggle Dance. This amazing communication method of dancing and sharing information is a matter of great curiosity among the scientist. It is the source of inspiration for our Raw Honey name.

Final Thought

To summarize, we can say; there is evidence that humanity has been using this wonderful gift of nature from prehistoric ages. And the benefits of Raw Honey is far-reaching. Apart from being a superfood, it does play a significant role in our social, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. It is one of the most appreciated and valued natural products. 

Compared to other foods, allergy to Raw Honey seems uncommon. Since our product is of natural origin and unsterilized, we will not recommend it for infants. Parents may please consult a paediatrician in such a case. 

Raw Honey
Raw Honey

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