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Experience Assam Silver Needle,  one of our finest and the purest handcrafted white teas made exclusively from the first young buds. High in antioxidants, the tea offers you elegance in taste & flavour. The indulgent brew generates a bright refreshing cup, gentle to the palate. Rich texture gives an authentic Assam Silver Needle White Tea experience. Uplift your mood in its fine taste & embrace natural goodness. Buy online now.

Tasting Notes: Hint of Cocoa | Wild Honey | Rich Texture

Dry Leaf Appearance: Perfect Silver Tips with Tea buds.

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A good brew of Silver Needle White Tea gives an amber liquor. The mouthfeel is luscious from the first sip. The fragrance of cocoa and malt is predominant in notes. An assertive flavour resembling wild honey makes the texture rich & creamy. Subtle mineral notes complement each other in harmony, giving a generous tea-drinking experience. The finish is lasting, fulfilling and thirst-quenching with a desire for a repeat. A rare tea by production, plucking, style, & taste, this tea is valuable for both drinking and collecting.

Brew a cup of Silver Needle White Tea

Take 220 ml of fresh water (for one cup), heat it to 90 Degrees & briefly cool.  Pour one teaspoon (3 grams) of Silver Needle Tea into a cup or in an infuser. Now add hot water to it. Allow the White Tea leaves to steep for 3-4 minutes. Sieve the liquid through a strainer and serve warm.


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Silver Needle Tea & Wellness

Here are the reasons why we consider Silver Needle White Tea as an extraordinary tea. Let us briefly look at some of the benefits associated with it

White Tea is high in Natural Antioxidants

Silver Needle White Tea contains the highest antioxidants ( known as Tea Polyphenols) among all teas. Tea Polyphenols remove the free radicals from our bodies. When excess Free radicals are removed, the oxidative stress gets reduced on our organs and our body gets detoxified. This promotes cellular health. Thus drinking White Tea helps our bodies to get cleansed through natural means.

White Tea is an Anxiolytic

White tea works to reduce anxiety promotes relaxation and fosters a state of calmness. High ordered White tea contains the free amino acid L-Theanine. L-Theanine brings relaxing effects to our body and thus acts as a stress reducer. A cup of Silver Needle White Tea can provide us with a sense of calmness lowering our stress level.


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White Tea retains Youthfulness

Silver Needle White Tea is one of the least processed Tea. Due to minimal process, the natural Antioxidants present in these Tea leaves remain intact. Numerous studies indicate that high ordered White Tea can combat our skin ageing process, and prevent hair fall and the formation of wrinkles. They contribute to our younger look.  Please be mindful that Tea can not prevent our ageing process, which is a natural phenomenon. But White Tea does have the potential to assist our journey to retain youthfulness by slowing the pace.

Presence of L-Theanine

White Tea contains the free amino acid L-Theanine. L-theanine has numerous positive impacts on human bodies, such as enhancing creativity, improving cognitive functions, elevating mood, and improving sleep quality. There’s scientific evidence points that L-theanine in White Tea has the potential to limit fat accumulation and weight gain, and thus may help to protect against obesity


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Tea is personal

When it comes to taste & preference, tea is a personal choice. It is always how one person likes to have it. Hence, there is no hard & fast rule for Tea making. The best Tea is one which is the most refreshing, restoring, enjoyable and gives good time to the drinker. You can set your parameters to suit your taste, brew a cup of Silver Needle White Tea, and enjoy it.


silver needle white tea
silver needle white tea

Why Silver Needle is an Expensive Tea?

The demands for white tea are always high due to its health attributes. All over the world, people collect it for medical reasons, to restore wellness & or for gifting. Its limited production makes silver needle white tea the most sought tea around the world & persistently fetch high sourcing prices.

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silver needle white tea

The Goodness of Silver Needle Tea

Scientific evidence & Various studies have documented many benefits of drinking white tea, from heart health to gut. There is growing recognition that it lowers blood pressure, aids digestion & controls bad cholesterol. These research articles & studies have benchmarked ancient wisdom that says white tea as, One year is a Tea, three years is medicine, seven years is the treasure.

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silver needle white tea

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, a cup of  Silver Needle Tea in our diet plan can bring us many health benefits. Whatever is the time, drinking a cup of it can be a soothing and relaxing ritual. The highest antioxidant content does deliver some real health benefits. Order online Silver Needle white tea online from our store & give a toast to your wellness journey by incorporating it into your diet plan. 



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