Organic White Tea Silver Needle

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Enjoy the sublime notes, feel the touch of young, velvety, tender unopened buds carefully made to reflect fine tea-making skills. Delicacy in taste, high in antioxidants, our organic white tea gives an unparallel Silver Needle White Tea drinking experience. Mild, soothing and enlivening, this time choose a fashionable White Tea for refreshment and enjoyment. Embrace natural goodness, command an uplifting mood & give yourself a toast in style for good health. 

Tasting Notes: Hint of Vanilla | Melon | Forest Honey & Cocoa 

Dry Leaf Appearance: Perfect Silver Tips unopened Tea buds.

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Organic White Tea Silver Needle

Organic White Tea is a connoisseur’s Silver Needle White Tea in the true sense. The liquor appears as cool light cream with a tinge of apple green shade. Clean & syrupy. Mouthfeel is tasty, creamy and smooth textured.  The fragrance of vanilla and cocoa are the prominent notes from the first sip. Toast of forest honey with assertive sweetness brings delight to the drinker in the middle. The finish is lasting, fulfilling and thirst-quenching.

Our White Tea is a good choice for those who want to enjoy the nascence of mild tea. Subtle notes, fortifying and charming, you can have a cup of it any time of the day. It is a bit trendy to choose a cup of white tea after dinner as a digestive aid or a cup of it half an hour before dinner as an appetizer. Experience it.

Riverbeki Tea represents purity and delicacy

The simplest and the most ancient form of teas, White Tea represents naturalness & lucidity. Though there is no processing involved, however, making White Tea is not an easy task. Our Silver Needle Tea consists of delicately plucked buds of very specific tea plants to give an exquisitely cleansing and uplifting sensation to White Tea lovers.

organic white tea silver needle
organic white tea

Reasons being Organic White Tea is expensive

Made only from the healthy new buds, picked on counted days of a year in and made entirely by hand, White Tea is the highest grade of Tea you can ever find. It is the treasure of the tea world. Due to the organic way of making, stringent selection process from bud to the final product makes the overall White Tea quantity limited. All over the world, people drink it for health attributes. Low production and high demand make Organic White Tea the most desirable, searched, and expensive Tea.

Preparation of a Fine White Tea Cup

To begin,

  • Take 220 ml of freshwater (for one cup), heat it to boiling temperature & briefly cool.
  • Pour one teaspoon (3 grams) of Organic White Tea Silver Needle into a cup or in an infuser.
  • Pour hot water into it and steep for 2-3 minutes.
  • Pass the liquid through a strainer and serve warm.
  • You can re-steep the tea leaves twice on the same day.

To prepare a perfect cup of White Tea, please be mindful of a few things.

Firstly, the more the Tea leaves, the stronger will be the cup. Secondly, more infusion time can lead to a bitter cup. Thirdly, always use fresh water for Tea making and do not reuse the same hot water. Springwater is the best for tea making as it is rich in minerals. Fourthly and finally, use Porcelain Tea wares for the preparation of high ordered Tea. Porcelain utensils have the least porosity, and they do not interfere with Tea taste and flavours. You can also use Thermo-glass infusers to brew your White Tea as they provide ease and convenience. 

The Tea selection is personal

Though Tea connects people, when it comes to taste & selection, we believe it is also a matter of personal choice. The best Tea is one which is the most refreshing, restoring, enjoyable, gives good time and a memorable taste to the drinker. You can set your tea brewing parameters to suit your taste, brew a cup of Organic White Tea, and enjoy it. 

organic white tea silver needle
organic white tea

White Tea & Wellness

Tea is the second highest consumed beverage after water. History relates our Tea drinking culture dates back to 4000 years. A good cup of Tea quickly refreshes us. It also enhances alertness and focus. Let us quickly find why we consider White Tea as a unique tea and briefly understands the benefits it holds for us.

Rich source of Plant Antioxidants

White Tea contains the highest antioxidants ( known as Tea Polyphenols) among all teas. Tea Polyphenol removes free radicals from our bodies. When excess Free radicals are removed, the oxidative stress gets reduced on our body organs. Drinking a cup of organic white Tea brings a synergized effect on us by detoxifying our bodies, strengthening the immune system and improving overall wellness.

Retain Youthfulness

As the silver needle white tea is one of the least processed Tea, most of the natural antioxidants present in the tea leaves remain intact. Globally, people drink White Tea to combat the skin ageing process and retain youthfulness. Having said this, Tea can not prevent us from getting old, which is a natural phenomenon. But White Tea does have the potential to assist our journey to retain youthfulness by slowing its pace.

Enhances our cognitive functions 

L-theanine, an amino acid present in White Tea can enhance creativity, improve cognitive functions, elevate mood, and improve sleep quality. It also brings relaxing effects to our body and thus acts as a stress reducer. More research is going on in this field with inspiring outcomes.

organic white tea silver needle
organic white tea silver needle

The Goodness of White Tea

There is scientific evidence indicating White Tea can limit fat accumulation, weight gain and thus may help protect against obesity. White Tea is also an anxiolytic—It acts to reduce anxiety, promotes relaxation, and fosters a state of calmness. Lower mental stress is good for heart health. It helps us to maintain admissible blood pressure. Numerous studies have also pointed out that taking a cup of White Tea can help digestion and improve our overall gut health.

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, a cup of Organic White Tea in our diet plan can bring us many health benefits. Irrespective of the time, drinking a cup of it is always a soothing and relaxing ritual. Its organic origin gives everyone a real advantage. Compliment yourself with its wholesome goodness. 

organic white tea silver needle
organic white tea silver needle

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Organic White Tea Silver Needle

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