Organic Green Tea 100 gm – Darjeeling Green Tea

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Our Organic Green tea from Darjeeling is sweet, smooth, and refreshing. The tea is pleasing. The soft and mellow finish creates a memorable tea-drinking experience. Rich in various anti-oxidants, a cup of our Green Tea strengthens health and well-being, leaving you feeling refreshed. A Super Fine Tea Grade and a must-have green tea for your everyday wellness.

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Pure Darjeeling Green Tea
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Organic Green Tea – Darjeeling

Riverbeki Organic Green Tea has the mellowest flavour profile. With bright liquor, it bears the classic impression of a fine Darjeeling green tea. Enjoy its refreshing toasted notes. The finish is lasting. Well-rounded and devoid of bitterness, it is a delicious green tea to drink. 

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How to prepare Green Tea

For a Single Serving (220 ml), pour one full teaspoon ( 3 gm ) of green tea leaves into an infuser or cup. Add hot water ( 90 ℃) to it and cover. Steep for 2-3 minutes. Sieve & Serve warm without Milk. Tea selection and preparation are a matter of personal choice. It is always how one person likes to have it. The best tea is that which is refreshing, restoring, and memorable to the drinker.

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Organic Green Tea benefits

The restorative properties of Green Tea are well known. It is a primary source of dietary antioxidants. Antioxidants present in tea are known as Tea Polyphenols (TP). Studies have linked TP to numerous health benefits. For centuries people have been drinking green tea to improve overall wellness. Recent studies show that drinking green tea detoxifies our bodies, and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. Green Tea boosts metabolic rate and increases fat burning. It is good for heart health and digestion.

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health benefits of green tea

Wellness with Organic Green Tea

A cup of green tea can cheer our mood. It refreshes us. Drinking green tea helps us to regulate mental stress, alleviate anxiety, improve cognitive function and increase serenity. The amino acid in green tea increases happy hormones.

Unblended Green Tea

Riverbeki green tea is unblended. It is devoid of additives. No artificial flavours. No added colour. Our tea packet contains organically grown pure green tea loose leaves. It is a 100% natural tea.

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Green Tea and Youthfulness

Modern science shows that green tea can combat our ageing process—skin glow, preventing hair fall and the formation of wrinkles. In clinical science, there is evidence that flavonoids ( set of tea polyphenols) reduce free radicals in our bodies. Removal of excess free radicals detoxifies us. It brings overall health and youthfulness. Drinking green tea in routine can help us to sustain our younger look. 

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darjeeling green tea

Choose Pure Green Tea

Green Tea is an essential part of a healthy diet plan around the world. Choose pure green tea leaves and level up your wellness journey.

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Nutritional Information on Green Tea

  • Green tea is a zero-calorie drink. Unlike other food & beverage, it does not contain protein, fat and carbohydrate. People drink green tea for antioxidants. The presence of a High level of Natural Antioxidants makes green tea healthy and beneficial to our health.
  • Among various antioxidants, "catechins" is the most studied. Green tea contains six principal catechins out of which EGCG is prominent. Apart from antioxidants, green tea contains flavonoids & L-theanine. Flavonoids help us to retain a younger look. L-theanine has a role in improved brain functioning, memory & learning.
  • The content of caffeine remains low in green tea, provided tea is pure and of high quality. Once prepared, pure green tea is a source of polyphenols which are antioxidants.
  • The primary motive behind the making of Green Tea is health & wellness. For thousands of years, this ancient beverage is in use for well-being in China and Japan. It is one of the most popular beverages globally.
  • Every sip of Riverbeki pure green tea contains the goodness of antioxidants and life-enhancing qualities.
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Pure Darjeeling Green Tea Leaves

  • Natural Green Tea leaves - No Artificial flavour, No Colour, No Additives. 100 % Natural Tea.
  • Delicious Green Tea - Balanced & Smooth, No Bitterness
  • Easy to Store - Moisture Proof Zipper packet protects freshness
  • Best Value - 100 gm packet of green tea loose leaves gives 50 cup
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Pure Green Tea

Each packet of Riverbeki Green tea offers a rewarding refreshment. Each Green tea cup is fulfilling & tasty. Drink Pure Green tea to relax. It grants you health benefits. Buy our Darjeeling Green Tea today and experience the original taste of an unblended tea
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