Riverbeki Moonlight White Tea – Savory White Tea with thirst-quenching citrus notes

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Moonlight White Tea offers you a refreshingly stronger cup. This Darjeeling Bai Mudan white Tea is full of citrus notes. If you enjoy strong white tea – go ahead with it. Tasty & pleasurable, enjoy one relaxing white tea

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Moonlight White Tea – Bai mudan tea

  • Distinguished White Tea – 100% pure Darjeeling Bai Mudan White Tea leaves
  • Robust Taste & Flavour – Moonlight White Tea is stronger in taste.
  • Umami Liquor:  Rich umami liquor, Moonlight Tea give alluring flavour experience
  • Bai Mudan Tea – Popularly known as Bai Mudan White Tea or White Peony Tea
  • Distinctive Health Advantage:  Its rich Antioxidants remove free radicals
  • Healthy White Tea – Improves focus and relaxation, promoting wellness
  • Palate Pleasing: The sweet aroma & rich mouthfeel.
  • White Peony Tea – With refreshing taste, it offers true delicacy to our tea-drinking
  • Perfect for Any Occasion – You can brew  Bai mudan white tea easily 
  • Value for Money – One of the best White Teas, Moonlight Tea is pocket-friendly.
  • An ideal choice for daily self-care – enjoy its sublime taste anytime
  • Premium White Tea: Perfect for them who loves premium & strong white tea
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moonlight white tea riverbeki

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Moon Light White Tea

100 Gram


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