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Experience Moon Drop-our handmade Tea from Darjeeling! Extremely high-ordered leaves are chosen from selected cultivars by the most experienced pluckers to make this Tea. It is in production only twice a year and sometimes only once, in tiny batches. Small batch production allows for achieving the desired quality parameters. The unique spherical shape represents the artistry of Tea Making and attention to detail. The sphere shape also preserves the freshness and aroma. Local wisdom says this Tea can help us retain our youthfulness, and we observed the making of the Moon drop Tea is an Art. We are delighted with its soulful taste. Enjoy this refreshing Tea & experience the calmness of the full moon in your wellness journey!

Tasting Note

Rich Creamy Texture with Hints of Fruits & Nuts

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Moondrop Tea – Darjeeling Handmade Tea

With its soulful taste & aroma, Moondrop Darjeeling Tea overwhelms us with its tropical fruity notes and floral profile from the first sip. The middle brings an extraordinary creamy texture with a bouquet of roasted nutty flavour, giving a fuller-bodied cup. The finish of Moondrop Tea is lasting, gradually introduced with the sweetness of raw honey, creating a pleasing sensation in the mouth. To sum up, every sip of Moondrop Tea is like the magic of the full moon appearing in the sky, adding a calming effect on our body & Mind!

moon drop tea darjeeling
darjeeling tea

Tea Appearance

High Ordered Tea Leaves are handcrafted into Spherical Shapes.

Ho to make a cup of Darjeeling Tea

Take 220 ml of fresh water (for one cup), heat it to boiling temperature & briefly cool. Pour one Moondrop Tea (Sphere) into an infuser or a cup and add hot water. Wait for 3-4 minutes for the Tea to be ready. Now serve the Tea hot or warm at body temperature. Firstly, more Tea will give you a more robust cup. Second, more infusion time can provide a stronger cup, and at times a bitter cup. Third, Try to use freshwater for Tea making and do not reuse the same hot water again and again. The best water to make Tea is Springwater. 

how to prepare a cup of darjeeling tea
how darjeeling tea is made

Tea is personal

We want to let Tea be in that way. It is always how one person likes to have it. There is no hard & fast rule for Tea making. It is a matter of personal choice. The best Tea is the Tea which is the most refreshing, and restoring, leaving a memorable taste & good time for the drinker. Now you can set these parameters to suit your taste, brew a cup of Tea, and enjoy it.

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darjeeling tea leaves

Moondrop Tea & Wellness

Tea is the second highest consumed beverage in the world after water. History related to our Tea drinking culture dates back to 4000 years. Some scholars suggest it is more than that. We all are aware that a good cup of Tea quickly refreshes Our body & Mind. Moreover, it enhances our alertness and focus. Traditional belief in Darjeeling speaks highly of Moondrop Tea, bringing a soothing effect to our minds to reclaiming our youthfulness and overall wellness.

moon drop tea
darjeeling artisanal tea


Tea and Youthfulness

As we read, numerous studies indicate that high quality Tea can combat our skin ageing process—for example, preventing hair fall and the formation of wrinkles. In clinical science, there is evidence that Antioxidants can reduce the presence of free radicals in our bodies. They can promote and assist in maintaining cellular health. This way, they can contribute to sustaining our younger look. To summarize, we can say Moondrop is the least processed Tea. It means she contains most of its Antioxidants intact. Antioxidants present in Tea are called Tea Polyphenols. So, this Tea has plenty of tea polyphenols or Antioxidants, whose benefits are extensive.

Antioxidants and Tea

High Ordered Tea contains a vital antioxidant, Catechin. The benefits of Catechin are extensively studied globally, and various clinical research has shown strong evidence that Catechin can help us achieve our body weight management goals. 

benefits of darjeeling tea
darjeeling tea
Tea and Amino Acid

Scientists have found that Tea also contains certain essential amino acids, for example, GABA and L-Theanine. These amino acids have numerous positive impacts on us, from enhancing creativity, improving cognitive functions, elevating mood, and, most importantly, enhancing sleep quality. 

The stress-reducing and sleep-enhancing effects of GABA are well established. Good Sleep is vital for our overall wellness. It gives our bodies proper resting and is essential for physical & mental health.  

L-Theanine brings relaxing effects to our bodies without sedation. It significantly increases activity in the alpha frequency, which relaxes the Mind without inducing drowsiness. Furthermore, alpha activity plays a vital role in critical aspects of attention and being creative. L-theanine also helps to lower levels of the stress hormone corticosterone and avoid interference with memory and learning. This way, L-theanine may help boost other cognitive skills.

All of the Good Quality Tea has a higher level of these elements. Smaller production batches make it possible to give more attention to Tea making process. Therefore, High-Quality Tea has value in terms of the overall well-being of the Body & Mind. 

moon drop tea
darjeeling tea
Tea and Gut Health

In addition, numerous studies also pointed out that taking a cup of Tea can help indigestion. Our gut holds Serotonin, which is commonly known as “Happy Hormones”. High-Quality Tea Helps with managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) through its modulation of serotonin levels. This way, Tea can be good for our overall gut health. More Studies and research linked to Tea and associated health benefits continue globally, bringing inspiring results. 

health benefits of darjeeling tea
moondrop tea

Tea helps keep the balance between emotional and physical health. In conclusion, we can say, by choosing a high-quality tea like Moondrop for our diet plan, we can embrace good mental & physical health and reinforce our wellbeing.

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darjeeling tea online

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2 reviews for Moon Drop Tea – Darjeeling Handmade tea

  1. Mohammed Naina (verified owner)

    The moon drop tea is a well directed series with three seasons.
    Each one with several episodes.
    All you need is to sit back and relax to enjoy the treat.
    Craftsmanship and detailing are very well appreciated in the presentation and in each brew.👌

  2. COLONEL RAKESH KUMAR VERMA (verified owner)

    MOON Drops is an excellent combination and super flavour tea . one feels the aroma in the mouth after every sip. MR P ROY I am thankful to you for making me taste this tea, now I love it.

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