Organic Green Pyramid Tea Bag

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Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Organic Green Tea from Darjeeling with a rejuvenating cup. Adopt ease & elegance with our Pyramid Tea Bag collection and experience the difference. Carefully selected straight from the misty rolling hills of Darjeeling, this 100% Organic Green tea is an abundant source of powerful antioxidants. Dip the pyramid tea bag in a cup with freshly prepared hot water for 2 to 3 minutes and serve hot. The longer time the bag in hot water will lead to the more robust cup.  

Tasting Note

Sweet | Refreshing Floral Notes

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Darjeeling Organic Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bag

Now, your favourite Darjeeling Organic green tea is available in the Pyramid Tea Bag collection. Experience our Slim Green Tea. In our pyramid tea bags, you can have the flavour and taste uncompromised. All the goodness and the benefits of tea drinking are intact. Slim Green is a 100% Organic Green tea, and with every sip of it, you will feel refreshed. This Green Tea naturally assists in your weight management programs.

About Tea Quality of Darjeeling Green Tea In Pyramid Tea Bag

Our Pyramid Tea Bag contains fine Darjeeling Organic Green Tea. Every sip of this Tea is full of richness. It is a very flavourful and delicious tea to enjoy. The liquor colour is bright, alluring green and charming. This Tea is a delight to the discerning palate with notes of a fresh legume with fruity undertones and devoid of bitterness. You can enjoy it at any time of the day. 

What is good about Pyramid Tea Bag?

The pyramidal structure of the Teabag offers more volume within. It means that, in addition to carrying large leaf teas, the extra space allows for more room for tea leaves to unfurl with perfection and release their delicious goodness for a better cup of Tea. Our pyramid bags are transparent, which allows for greater visibility of the Tea ingredients. The aesthetic aspect of the Tea is more prominent here compared to the regular Teabag.

Pyramid Tea Bag offers more Tea per bag

A typical Tea Bag comes with inherent limitations. It can hold only dust-type of teas inside it. Apart from the size of the Tea, another limitation is the amount of Tea in a regular paper tea bag. However, a pyramid bag allows the packing of higher density teas or larger tea leaves, up to 4 grams per tea bag, significantly higher than the contents of a regular tea bag. It allows you to have a better taste and Tea Experience.

Array of Flavours

With the availability of more space inside the Pyramid Tea Bag, a variety of ingredients can be packed within a tea, including but not limited to whole leaves, flowers, spices, fruit pieces, zests, etc. Said another way, this space allows for the addition of elements that add to the visual and aromatic characteristics of the blend, thereby enhancing the overall tea drinking experience of the consumer.

Quick & Consistent Brew

Pyramid tea bag contains mesh-like material. These tea bags have significantly higher porosity in comparison with paper and cloth tea bags. It means the tea steeps well, and the result is a full-bodied liquor. The higher porosity also translates into a faster infusion, meaning a fresher and quicker brew. Contrary to the regular tea bags, where the water cools down by the time tea steeps, these bag offers a warmer and better brew every single time. Moreover, Unlike regular tea bags, it does not have to remain soaked in the cup for as long. As a result, the Tea is not over-brewed, and the essential inherent antioxidant properties of the Tea remains intact.

Easy to Carry

Pyramid tea bags are relatively more durable. Being woven into a small net-like mesh, they do not require a protective box but can be stored even in a pouch without causing damage to the tea bag per se.

Premium Appearance

The appearance of a pyramid tea bag is superior and “exotic”. The aesthetic finesse adds to the overall tea-drinking experience and provides the tea drinkers with an opportunity to see each element of their favourite blend. Because of their excellent appearance and potential to deliver a better and more consistent brew every time, these tea bags continue to be a good choice among avid tea drinkers. To summarize, they ensure the more acceptable quality of Tea, saving time and energy during preparation.

Pyramid Tea Bags Tea and wellness

Darjeeling Organic Tea is high in antioxidants. Drinking Green Tea reduces free radicals within the body and promotes cellular health. It refreshes the body, enhances alertness, and focus. Each brew of this Organic Green Tea is now easy. Dip in Hotwater and Sip. Embrace the ease and goodness of brewing high-quality Tea with our Pyramid Tea Bag collection. 

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