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Experience our green cardamom- uniform 8 MM Bold in Average Size, matured, unbroken with a pleasant aroma. Rich in flavour, it is a natural product and carefully selected for the highest quality standard. The green cardamom pods contain seeds inside and in each pod, there are several seeds. The seeds contain the main flavour, so you can either crush the pods or use the seeds directly by removing the outer skin or add the pods as a whole to your dishes. Either way, this queen of spice will add a subtle note to a wide variety of dishes you prepare.  We sincerely believe our green cardamom will make your cooking more exciting & food even more delicious.

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Green Cardamom | Chota Elaichi

Our Green Cardamom has the power to enliven a baked food, enhance the taste of your kheer to a mouth-watering product and provide an alluring aroma to homemade elaichi chai. It is fresh spice, bold, matured, evenly sized and without any mouth opening or broken parts. We source it in very limited quantities to keep a high standard of quality. The product speaks for itself.  Few flavours in the world can compete with the aromatic complexity of this spice nicknamed “Queen of Spices”. You have to experience it to feel.

Origin of Green Cardamom-The Queen of Spice

While native to subtropical Asia, it is a prominent ingredient in Indian cuisine. Guatemala, Malaysia, Tanzania, India are the main producers of this spice. Though in the market shelled whole seeds or powder form is available,  we sell only the whole cardamom pod. Cardamom is the most expensive spice by weight after saffron and vanilla.

Culinary Uses of Cardamom

The culinary use of chota elaichi (Green Cardamom) is vast. Both Sweet and Savory Recipes use them, including beverages. The outer covering of Cardamom & seeds lends a unique flavour to tea and coffee. It is one of the essential ingredients of garam masala and curry powder for Indians.

You can use this spice in various vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes like pulao, curries, and biryanis. Sweet dishes like kheer, phirni, flans, porridge, halwa also taste better with the distinctive flavour of Green Cardamom. From East to West, this spice has a global appeal in various cuisines. 

Difference Between Whole vs Ground Chota Elaichi

In our whole cardamom pod, all the features remain intact from the outer skin to the crunchy cardamom seeds inside. While some preparations like rice dishes or pastries call for seeds, some require a crushed seed pod for usage-For example to make flavourful elaichi chai.

Grounded Cardamom powder is dried and ground cardamom seeds. Since most of the cardamom’s fragrant essential oils and aromatic components lose potency quickly once grounded, so it’s best to use it as close to the purchase date as possible.

Chota Elaichi (Cardamom) & Wellness

Cardamom is an ancient remedy that may have many medicinal properties. Green Cardamom is well known as a breath freshener and digestive aid in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. There are numerous documents available on the internet explaining the health benefits of cardamom. Among them notable are, it has been shown to help lower blood pressure and manage blood sugar due to its high magnesium levels.

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Green Cardamom

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