Get Perfect Assam Orthodox Tea – Golden Tippy, Black Tea Leaves with Unbeatable Richness

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Assam Orthodox Tea means Riverbeki’s Golden Tippy ! Bright color and alluring malty flavor, makes this black tea deeply satisfying. Make your voyage with a perfect tea!

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Assam Orthodox tea – Golden Tippy

  • Full Tippy Assam Orthodox Tea – Full blaze of golden tips present
  • Bright Liquor – Very aromatic Assam Black Tea with bright liquor
  • Best in Class – Carefully plucked & produced – High-Quality Assam Tea Leaves
  • Rich Malty Notes – Vibrant malty notes make the tea-drinking episodes alluring
  • Refreshing Assam Black Tea – Tasty tea from the first sip, enliven & fortifying
  • Lasting Finish – Delectable & lasting finish, sweet aftertaste
  • Tea connoisseur Collection – Assam Black Tea lovers No miss choice
  • Deeply Flavorful –  Naturally flavorful and satisfying cup for all
  • Perfect for anytime – Golden Tippy is a perfect tea to drink anytime
  • Delight to Assam Black Tea Lovers – Charming original taste captivates every time
  • 100% Assam Tea leaves – Authentic Taste, genuine Assam Cup assured
  • Gentle yet compelling Cup – To enjoy the essence, drink it without milk
assam orthodox tea
assam golden tippy black tea

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Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 7 cm
Golden Tippy - Assam Orthodox Tea

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