Ginger Tea

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Ginger Tea is a premium Assam CTC Tea blended in resonance with Traditional hand-pounded ginger powder from North East India. Delicious & Hot, Flavourful & Refreshing Ginger Tea will give you a flawlessly dense spicy flavoured Cup. Traditional Handpounded Ginger Powder generates a uniquely rich, refreshing taste to lift your taste buds to a new level. Every sip of Assam Gold Ginger Tea sets the perfect tone to welcome winter with a warming note.

Flavour & Taste: Rich Malty Notes of Premium Assam CTC & Authentic Ginger

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Premium Ginger Tea 

For any tea drinker, the aroma, taste and flavour of a genuine Assam Cup are unforgettable. A perfect combination of traditional North East Ginger gives the Tea an exciting lift, transforms the zesty flavour into a greeting for the winter. With the finest quality tea leaves, enjoy the depth and colour of an authentic Assam Tea blended with Traditional Ginger and feel the invigorating power of a refreshing Assam cup. Notes of malt and exotic peppery flavour of handpicked traditional ginger rejuvenate you in every sip. With the strength of Nature, welcome the winter!

Dry Leaf Appearance

Premium Assam CTC Tea Blended with hand-pounded Ginger Powder

Prepare a cup of Ginger Tea

The preparation of this Tea is straightforward but personalized. Some pour tea leaves in water and boil. You can also pour tea leaves directly into the Milk if you prepare tea with only Milk. Once it reaches the boiling point, stir the tea and allow it to remain there for some time. Now you can add sugar to suit your personal taste. After little boiling and mild stirring, put Tea is put through a strainer and serve.

Milk and Sugar are often essential ingredients to Ginger Tea. This is how traditional Indian Chai is made. Our Assam CTC Tea contains 100% Premium Assam Tea Leaves. Unlike others, you may usually require fewer teas to prepare the same amount of Tea. So please be mindful of that.

Tea is personal

There is no hard & fast rule for Tea making when it comes to personal consumption. Making a cup of tea is always how one person likes to have it. We want to let Tea be in that way. The best Tea is always the most refreshing, restoring, leaving a memorable taste & a good time for the drinker. Since, Tea selection, preparation and taste are a matter of personal choice, you can set parameters to suit your taste, brew a cup of Ginger Tea & enjoy.

Our Ginger Tea is made from 100% Assam CTC Tea 

CTC is a Tea making Process. The word CTC stands for “Cut Tear & Curl”. It means the freshly collected Tea leaves go into a ” Cut, Tear, and Curl” machine to reform into tiny granules. Good Manufacturing Practices in the CTC process results in premium quality teas. These granules after drying become CTC Tea. In short, CTC Tea is a super-brisk black tea.

Assam produces nearly 56% of India’s total tea production. It contributes more than 15% Tea production by volume globally. Assan Tea is world-famous and the main ingredient of many acclaimed Tea blends.

We use premium Assam CTC Tea and nothing else for our Assam Tea Collection and our teas are well-regarded for their natural aroma, bright red liquor colour and rich malty refreshing notes. This Tea is made from 100% Assam Tea, a Single Origin Premium Assam CTC in a harmonious blend with hand-pounded traditional ginger. 

Ginger Tea & Wellness

Our Ginger Tea is a delicious beverage & very popular. It quickly refreshes us and falls under black tea. Antioxidants found in Assam Black Teas are known as Tea Polyphenols and numerous studies have linked these Tea Polyphenols to impressive health benefits. Ginger as a spice is also a powerful antioxidant having wide applications in Ayurveda & traditional practices. A cup of ginger tea can be the best companion to warm up, boost immunity, combat flu and cold.

Traditional wisdom says Ginger Tea in our diets can help in many ways in maintaining Good Health. Enjoy this Tea, experience a genuine Assam cup in the right combination of traditional Gingers and welcome the change of a season.

Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea


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