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Darjeeling Muscatel is our prized Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea. Enjoy yourself in the elusive flavour of muskat grapes and fruity notes. Rich mouthfeel, full-bodied texture and surprising sweetness will delight you. With unique flavour and complex notes, the tea level up refreshment standards. Be part of an exalted Tea experience in its most pleasing way with our exquisite Muscatel Black Tea.

Tasting Notes: Notes of Muskat Grapes – Luscious

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Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea – Darjeeling Second Flush Tea

Very few teas of Darjeeling Second Flush are genuine Darjeeling muscatel black tea. The intensity of flavour and aroma defines their unique names. Darjeeling Muscatel is a rare Darjeeling Black Tea. A lively cup of it brings charm. Delectable notes of muscat grapes add distinct textures. Musky spiciness adds depth to bright liquor. Furtive forest honey intonations add sweetness. Complex to define, the finish of this Darjeeling tea is enduring. With vibrant notes & aroma, every muscatel tea has got its nickname – the champagne of tea.

darjeeling second flush black tea
muscatel tea

What is Darjeeling Muscatel Tea

Darjeeling Muscatel is a second flush tea of Darjeeling. Or in other word-it is Darjeeling black tea of summer. It is one of the most sought-after teas globally due to its unique flavour. Limited production makes this Darjeeling black tea rare and expensive.
The taste of Darjeeling Muscatel is singular. It is easy to feel but hard to describe. The presence of different flavours and their unparallel combinations make a definition hard. It is possible to have different feelings and body sensations. Taste presentation can become person specific.
darjeeling second flush tea
darjeeling muscatel tea

Incomparable muscatel flavour

How can we figure out a definition of the “Muscatel” flavour? In one word it is “extraordinary”. You can experience notes of dried raisins in forest honey. Constant Spicy, juicy & caramelised mouthfeel. Notes of rich minerality can be fitful with syrupy tropical fruits. James Norwood Pratt defined it as muscat-like fruitiness in aroma and flavour.
Darjeeling Muscatel is bound to get you by its aroma, colour, strength, gravity and taste. Perhaps, the best way is to enjoy the nuances of this unique tea in silence. We are leaving behind the distractions of the wordy part in describing it.
darjeeling summer tea
darjeeling black tea

Making a Perfect Cup of Darjeeling Tea

Tea is personal. Everyone has an opinion on how to make a perfect cup of tea. That makes sense. Since tea is a matter of personal taste, choices matter. Irrespective of personal choices- three elements of tea making will remain always in common. They are-
  • Hot water,
  • Tea leaves and utensils
  • Milk or sugar

A cup of Muscatel Tea in easy steps

  • Warm the porcelain pot by rinsing it with hot water
  • One serving is 220 ml of water
  • 3 gm of Darjeeling Muscatel loose-leaf tea per serving
  • Boiled water- Avoid reboiled water since they lack dissolved oxygen
  • Let the water temperature be at 90 to 95 degrees Celcius
  • Put dry tea leaves on the warm pot and pour hot water into it
  • Cover with the lid for the best heat retention
  • Stir the tea leaves before sieving
  • The brewing time is 3 to 4 minutes. Serve the tea warm
  • Use of Milk – We recommend without milk & sugar. Yet, it is each to their own choice.

Old wisdom about drinking tea

Let your cup of tea sit for 5 minutes before sipping. Allowing the tea to rest will cool the tea up to 50-60 C. That is nearer to our body temperature. At this, you can have the best experience with flavours. The tea is best enjoyed. When the temperature drops below 45 C the flavours & texture may become undesirable. This is applicable when we use hot brewing to prepare the cup of tea. Be mindful of this.


how to prepare a cup of darjeeling tea
how darjeeling tea is made

Your cup of tea

There is no hard & fast rule for Tea making. Tea selection, preparation and taste are a matter of personal choice. It is always how one person likes to have it. We want the tea to be in that way. The best tea is one which is the most refreshing, restoring and gives a memorable taste to the drinker. Drinking tea should create a good experience. You can set parameters to suit your taste, brew your cup of tea, and enjoy it.

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darjeeling muscatel tea

Darjeeling Black Tea & Wellness

Tea is the second highest consumed beverage after water. History related to our Tea drinking culture dates back to 4000 years. A cup of tea refreshes our bodies & mind. Tea enhances alertness and focus. Since ancient times mankind is drinking tea because of its Antioxidants.
why dajeeling tea is good for health
heath benefits of darjeeling black tea

Tea- Source of dietary antioxidants.

In scientific words- Antioxidants in Teas are Tea Polyphenols. They are powerful health healers. Modern science has evidence of their restorative properties. These Tea Polyphenols reduce free radicals produced in our bodies. In turn, they promote cellular health and protect our bodies from oxidative stress. Some impressive health benefits of tea are retention of our younger look & fat burning. Tea is also good for heart and gut health. The inclusion of pure Darjeeling Black Tea in the diet can bring many of its health benefits.
health benefits of darjeeling tea
darjeeling tea health benefits

Start your best Tea today

Enjoy a distinguished brew. Complex to define yet easy to feel. Experience its unique notes of raisins with spiciness. Enjoy a fine balance of delicate sweetness in each sip. Enjoy a cup of it at any time of the day. We recommend having it without milk to reveal all the fragrances and aftertaste. Every cup of Darjeeling muscatel will take your taste buds on a journey of discovery. Redefine your refreshment with a lasting finish. Take out some of your time from your busy schedule to enjoy one of the Finest & Season’s best Darjeeling Black tea! Order online today from our store.

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Nutritional Information of Darjeeling Black Tea

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Darjeeling Black Tea- Pure Natural Tea
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