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Assam Classic is a Premium Quality Single Origin Assam Tea. Made from 100% Assam Tea leaves, it gives a strong & energizing cup with milk. Those who are seeking tasty kadak chai will Love it. Treat yourself with an Original Assam Cup. Own a delightful Tea Drinking experience.

Taste: Authentic Assam cup of tea

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Pure Assam Tea
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Buy Classic Assam Tea – Pure Assam Tea Powder

Welcome to the world of Pure Assam Tea Powder. Assam Classic is a Genuine Single Origin Assam CTC Tea. Now making your favourite kadak chai in milk is easy. Treat yourself to a Tasty & Refreshing cup of World Famous Assam tea. Enjoy an Unblended Original Assam Tea and thrive on an Authentic Assam Tea drinking experience

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A Cup of Classic Assam Tea Powder

Making an Assam Tea is straightforward but personalised. Boil some water and pour tea leaves into it. You can also boil milk & pour tea leaves into it. You can add sugar to suit your taste. After 5 minutes, put the tea through a strainer and serve warm. This Tea is going to give you a strong cup. Since it is 100% Assam Tea Leaves, you may usually require fewer teas to prepare a cup.

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Tea is personal

There is no hard & fast rule for Tea making when it comes to personal consumption. It is always how one person likes to have it. The best Tea is the most refreshing, restoring, tasty & allows good time to the drinker. You can set your parameters to brew a cup of Classic Assam Tea, and enjoy it.

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About Assam CTC Tea

CTC is the name of Tea making Process. The word CTC stands for “Cut Tear & Curl”. It means the fresh Tea leaves go into a ” Cut, Tear, and Curl” machine to be reformed into tiny granules. Good Manufacturing Practices in the CTC process result in quality teas. These granules later dried for a certain time and became CTC Tea. Technically CTC process makes super-brisk black tea.

Assam produces above 50% of India’s total tea production and contributes more than 13% of Tea production by volume globally. It is the birthplace of CTC Tea. Assam CTC is well-regarded for its natural aroma, bright red liquor colour, rich malty notes, strength and delicious taste.

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Buy Assam Classic -100% Assam tea

Though Assam Tea is the most sought-after product and Assam is the birthplace of CTC, Pure Assam CTC is expensive. Classic Assam Tea offers you will genuine Assam Cup experience.

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Drink in the pure, fresh flavour of Assam Tea

Royal Assam Tea is a delicious beverage and easy to prepare. Drinking a cup of Tea enhances alertness and focus. Tea is a rich source of natural antioxidants. Tea polyphenols have impressive health benefits. Drinking Tea also boosts our immunity. Enjoy Assam Gold Tea and experience the taste of single-origin authentic Assam Cup. Order it today from our store.

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Tea & Wellness

Tea with milk is a delicious beverage. Easy to prepare, it quickly energizes, and refreshes our bodies. A cup of tea also enhances alertness and focus. Antioxidants found in Assam Black Teas are known as Tea Polyphenols. Modern studies have linked Tea Polyphenols to numerous health benefits. Traditional wisdom says that Tea is good for health. It says drinking Tea boosts immunity. Enjoy Classic Assam Tea and savour the flavour of a single-origin authentic Assam Cup. Serve Warm to enjoy the best.

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Pure Assam Tea

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