Black Pepper

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Riverbeki Whole Black is Bold, unbroken, uniform in size and full of Piperine content. Sprinkle this King of spice on fresh salad, steamed vegetables, or your favourite soups to develop a deep, zesty flavour. All types of cooking preparation-Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian require this essential spice. It also goes well with homemade cookies and other baked goods. You can use our black pepper on almost any dish to enhance food flavours and delight pepper lovers everywhere.

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Black Pepper

Our finest black pepper will give the right spark to your food, adding a spicy and zesty combination. You can easily make grounded Pepper powder from it to sparkle anywhere-from salad to any roasted items. We carefully select our black pepper from a family-owned trusted network, and we are sure you’ll undoubtedly love the taste of any meal with it.

History of Black Pepper (Kali Mirch)

Black pepper vines are native to Kerala in Southern India and North East. It is a tropical plant, and today, Vietnam is the world’s leading producer. Since Roman times, this spice moved to Europe by sea route, making black pepper invaluable for European dishes. From there, its culinary practices spread across the western globe.

In his attempt to establish direct trade with Indian pepper growers, Christopher Columbus inadvertently reached America and consequently mislabeled the native inhabitants of that region as “Indians” (Red Indians are native Americal people). It would be worth mentioning that a completely unrelated species- Red Pepper can make you think of something related to black pepper. The fact is they are not related. Chilli pepper or red piper is from chilli, actually native to America and reached the European market to substitute black pepper. Black Pepper is a demanding spice globally and is nicknamed “King of Spice” or “Gold Spice”.

Fun Fact- The word “Pepper” originated in India

The name pepper is derived from the Sanskrit name of long pepper, pippali. From that word, the Greek word “peperi” and Latin word “piper” originated.

Composition of Black Pepper

Good Quality Kali Mirch contains between 2-4% essential oils. The aromatic compound “piperine” is responsible for its spicy heat. Differences in age, terroir, and maturity can lead to variations in pepper flavour. Our Black Pepper is of the highest quality and one of the most flavorful varieties of black pepper.

Let us know the difference between Salt & Pepper

It is a common sight to see Salt & Pepper together. For instance, we see them often at our dining table or the kitchen shelf. The combination looks so straightforward. At times we don’t even think who set them together. Today, let us find some interesting facts about these two friends- “Salt & Pepper”. While doing so, we will set friendly rules to enhance the flavour of our foods-“The Salt & Pepper Rule”.

Although frequently kept together, Salt and pepper have little in common. Let us understand this in three simple steps.

First, Salt is a seasoning element; pepper is a spice. In simple words, Salt enhances flavour; pepper adds flavour. Salt heightens, and the Black pepper changes the flavour.

Secondly, both Salt & Black Pepper should improve, not overpower, the other flavours.

Third and finally, Salt has no shelf life, and it will outlive the cook. But pepper begins to lose aroma and flavour as soon as it is grounded. Hence for peak flavour, always grind pepper as you need it. Also, since it loses flavour rapidly, pepper is best used at the tail end of cooking or ground before serving, unlike Salt.

When we add pepper in the right amount, it gives a sharp, earthy zing thing to our food and makes them delicious. I would love to mention here that freshly ground pepper acts as a wake-up call to taste buds.

Did you know this Chef’s secret?

Did you know that pastry chefs in fine dining restaurants include black pepper in all kinds of desserts? It’s an incredibly delicious surprise in chocolate sweets, from fudge brownies, chocolate layer cake, and chocolate truffles.

How to Store Pepper(Kali Mirch)

Always store whole this spice in an airtight container to maintain the freshness of the essential oils.

Pepper (Kali Mirch) & Wellness

As a parting thought, let us briefly look at the wellness aspect of this fantastic spice. Black pepper has been an essential ingredient in traditional medicine like Ayurveda for thousands of years. Its active compound piperine is a powerful antioxidant and enhances the absorption of certain nutrients in our bodies. It is also suitable for immunity, flu, sore throat and improves gut health.

Dried Black Pepper
Black Pepper

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