Bai Mudan White Tea

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Darjeeling White Tea is our unmatched offering to all-white tea lovers. It is a relaxing and refreshing tea that dispels laziness and fatigue. Take out a few minutes of a busy day to enjoy the nuances of this delicious Tea with remarkable health benefits. Rejoice in the subtle flavour, enriching mouthfeel, and take your tea drinking experience to an outstanding level. Fondly we call it “White Mist”. 

Tasting Note

Creamy | Syrupy | Coating of Rich Mineral Notes

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Bai Mudan White Tea | White Peony Tea

This Bai Mudan White Tea ( White Peony Tea) gives a shimmering clean, well-rounded, delicately sweet liquor. The aroma takes you to a reminiscent of rain-soaked grassland with a lingering fragrance of white peony. A silky texture of rich minerality persists from the beginning defining the cup character. The tea is amazingly pleasing on the palate and astonishingly refreshing on the body. As a crescendo, the finish brings a subtle sweetness, offering a balance between mineral & vegetal notes with the goodness of tea polyphenols reminding us to be mindful. 

Two names | Same White Tea

Bai Mudan White Tea and White Peony Tea are the two names of the same class of Tea. So don’t get confused with these two different names. They are synonyms and represents the same Darjeeling White Tea.

White Peony Tea Dry Leaf

The appearance of White Tea is Furry, with slender, thin buds interlaced with olive & apple green medium-sized open leaves.

Brew a cup of White Tea

Take 220 ml of fresh water (for one cup), heat it to near boiling temperature & allow it to cool. Pour one teaspoon (2.5/3 GM) Darjeeling White Tea leaves into an infuser or a cup and pour the hot water. Cover the cup & wait for 3-4 minutes for the Tea to be ready. Now pass the liquid through a strainer and serve the Tea.

Be mindful of few things when you brew a cup of tea.

First, the strength of your cup is proportionate to the quantity of Tea. As Bai Mudan Tea (White Peony Tea) is more voluminous, the number of Tea leaves may initially appear to be more, however that should be required to get the flavour to be developed.  You can suit yourself this after one brewing. Secondly, be careful not to over steep your tea as it can give you a bitter cup. We recommend brewing White Peony Tea up to 2 to 3 minutes. It can even be less.

Third,  always use freshly taken water for making Tea and avoid reusing the same hot water over and over. Reuse of Hot water can deflate the taste of the Tea. Finally, we always recommend using Porcelain Tea wares or borosilicate infusers during Tea preparation. Such Teaware doesn’t interfere with the flavour and taste of the Tea.  These utensils are the best choice for making high ordered tea as they keeping the tea taste intact. 

So set these parameters to suit your taste to enjoy a perfect cup of White Tea.

Tea is personal

Though Tea connects us, from our experience, we can say, selection of Tea is a personal choice. So the taste and its preparation. We don’t want to enforce hard & fast rules for Tea making. It is always how one person likes to have it. Tea is best when it is the most refreshing, restoring, leaves a memorable taste & gives a good time to the drinker. You can set your parameters to suit your taste, brew a cup of Darjeeling Bai Mudan White Tea, and enjoy it. 

White Tea & Over All Wellness

Tea is the second highest consumed beverage after water. History relates our Tea drinking culture dates back to 4000 years. We all are aware that a good cup of Tea quickly refreshes us. It also enhances alertness and focus. Let us talk a little detail about the health attributes of our Darjeeling Bai Mudan White Tea ( White Peony Tea)

White Tea & Youthfulness

Darjeeling White Peony Tea is the least processed Tea. It contains most of its Antioxidants ( also known as Tea Polyphenols) intact.  As White Tea is least processed, it has plenty of tea polyphenols, so the benefits it can offer to us are extensive.

For example, numerous studies indicate that a cup of White Tea can combat the skin ageing process and prevent hair fall. Antioxidants also reduce the presence of free radicals in our bodies and promote cellular health. This way, it can help us to look younger naturally.

White Tea & Weight Management

White Tea contains one vital antioxidant we know as Catechin. The benefits of Catechin are extensively studied and various clinical research has shown strong evidence that it can assist our body weight management goals. 

Role of Amino Acids in White Tea

White Tea also contains some essential amino acids, for example, L-Theanine. Amino acids have numerous positive impacts on us. There are reports that L-theanine can enhance creativity & improve our cognitive functions, such as learning skills & attention. L-theanine also elevates mood, and most importantly, enhance sleep quality. It acts as a stress reducer and brings us a calming effect.

White Tea & Gut Health

Numerous studies tell us that taking a cup of White Tea help digestion and good gut health. In brief, amino acids and antioxidants, which are two natural elements of White Tea, helps to keep the balance between mental and physical health. 

To sum up, with many health benefits, White Tea is a good choice as a beverage. The advantage of drinking this Tea is well regarded, globally. Embrace good health & reinforce wellbeing by incorporating it into your diet. Give a new momentum to your wellness journey. 

Parting Thoughts

If you have any questions about our product, the information we are sharing here or you want to know the health attributes of drinking White Tea in detail, you can always reach us. We will be glad to attend to your queries. In fact, we love to hear from you and we will get back at the quickest possible time. We have a blog on White Tea, you can also visit it. There you can learn more about this tea and be able to identify which one is real. Please feel free to post your views or comments there. Here is the link-Authentic White Tea

Darjeeling White Tea
Darjeeling White Tea

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Darjeeling Bai Mudan White Tea

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