Assam Green Tea 100 gm

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Assam Green Tea Leaves

Experience one brisk & lively Green Tea of Assam. With delectable taste & flavour, Assam Green Tea offers a revitalizing cup. Rich in Tea Antioxidants, a cup of it gives you daily self-care. Order Online and enjoy a pure green tea with a smooth finish & rich natural flavour.

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Pure Assam Green Tea
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Assam green tea is a favourite for many reasons. It offers a rich mouthfeel and is tasty. The refreshing flavour makes it one of the best green teas available on the market. No bitterness. Each sip is gentle to the palate and balanced. The finish is smooth, lasting and sweet. Rich in antioxidants, Assam Green Tea offers a healthy option to hydrate and detox.

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Prepare a cup of Green Tea

Note for Steeping: For a Single Serving (220 ml), pour one full teaspoon ( 3 gm ) of green tea leaves into an infuser or cup. Add hot water ( 90 ℃) to it and cover. Steep for 2-3 minutes. Sieve & Serve warm without Milk.

Tea selection, preparation and taste are a matter of personal choice. It is always how one person likes to have it. The best Tea is that which is refreshing, restoring, and memorable to the drinker. Hence you can set your parameters, prepare a cup of Assam Green Tea, and enjoy it. 

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How green tea is made? 

Our teas come from the native Camellia Sinensis plant. Freshly plucked tea leaves are steamed to make green tea. In some cases, it is pan-fried. Then the tea goes into a partial oxidization process to produce Green Tea.  Simple yet delicate, one needs to be very attentive in each step to make high-quality green tea. It demands good process control and attention which starts with the right selection of fresh tea leaves. 

USP of Assam Green Tea

Our packet contains loose green tea leaves. It is a pure green tea product- No additives, No artificial flavours, No added colours.

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assam green tea

Get Genuine Assam Green Tea Experience

Good Teas are rare. We ensure that each tea we are bringing is of quality, destined to satisfy tea lovers elsewhere. We refuse to sell products that we would not drink at home. Since 2018, We are selling Pure Tea Online. 

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You would love our Tea

The market is full of tea alike. Pure teas are rare. We are a one-stop solution here. Commitment to goodness comes with responsibility. We uphold it every day by delivering genuine products to our buyers. Our detailed product information helps you to make an informed purchase from our store. 

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Pure Tea Always

Drinking tea refreshes us and enhances focus. Pure Green Tea is a rich source of dietary antioxidants. It brings many health benefits and reinforces our well-being. Incorporating green tea into an active lifestyle helps us to meet our daily self-care goals. Choose pure tea & stay fit. 

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Nutritional Information on Green Tea

  • Green tea is a zero-calorie drink. Unlike other food & beverage, it does not contain protein, fat and carbohydrate. People drink green tea for antioxidants. The presence of a High level of Natural Antioxidants makes green tea healthy and beneficial to our health.
  • Among various antioxidants, "catechins" is the most studied. Green tea contains six principal catechins out of which EGCG is prominent. Apart from antioxidants, green tea contains flavonoids & L-theanine. Flavonoids help us to retain a younger look. L-theanine has a role in improved brain functioning, memory & learning.
  • The content of caffeine remains low in green tea, provided tea is pure and of high quality. Once prepared, pure green tea is a source of polyphenols which are antioxidants.
  • The primary motive behind the making of Green Tea is health & wellness. For thousands of years, this ancient beverage is in use for well-being in China and Japan. It is one of the most popular beverages globally.
  • Every sip of Riverbeki pure green tea contains the goodness of antioxidants and life-enhancing qualities.
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Pure Assam Green Tea Leaves

  • Natural Green Tea leaves- No Artificial flavour, No Colour, No Additives. 100 % Natural Tea.
  • Delicious Green Tea - Balanced & Smooth, No Bitterness
  • Easy to Store - Moisture Proof Zipper packet protects freshness
  • Best Value - 100 gm packet of green tea loose leaves gives 50 cup
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Pure Green Tea

Pure Tea is the tea in the purest form. Each cup of pure tea offers the drinkers a perfect way to enjoy tea without additives. With no artificial flavours and added colour, they are 100% natural tea. Savour a refreshing healthy beverage in its original taste and flavour. Explore your way to some of the best green tea online with us.
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