Assam Green Tea

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Experience our brisk & lively Green Tea harvested in the summer of Assam. Artistically crafted, this Green Tea offers a revitalizing cup. With enjoyable taste & natural flavour, Assam Green Tea is suitable for those who maintain daily self-care. Rich in antioxidants, a cup of it is a perfect way to start your day.

Tasting Notes: Refreshing Notes of mowed hay | Mildly Astringent

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Assam Green Tea

Assam Green Tea is for active lifestyle goers. The Tea offers a full-bodied cup with vegetal notes from the first sip. The liquor colour is lightly golden, the appearance is clean, and the mouthfeel is thick with notes of cooked veggies as the dominant flavour. Rain socked Forest wood aroma hammered with subtle hints of caramel in the middle, giving a tingling sensation on the palate. The finish is smooth and delicately sweet, balancing woody notes and unmistakable astringent flavour. Embrace the goodness of our Tea and rejuvenate. Rich in antioxidants, it offers a healthy option to hydrate and detox our bodies. You can choose to have this Tea at any time of the day.

Dry Leaf Appearance 

Artistically twisted Assam Green Tea leaves.

Brew a cup of Assam Green Tea

Take 220 ml of fresh water (for one cup), heat it to boiling temperature & briefly cool. Pour one spoon of Green Tea into an infuser or a cup and add hot water. Wait for 3-4 minutes for the Tea to be ready. Now serve the Tea hot or warm at body temperature.

While Tea making, Please be mindful of few things as mentioned below.

Firstly, more Tea will give you a stronger cup. Second, more infusion time can provide a more robust cup, and at times a bitter cup. Third, Try to use Oxygen-rich freshwater for Tea making and do not reuse the same hot water again and again. The best water to make Tea is Springwater. Fourth, Porcelain Tea wares or Thermo Glass Infusers are the best for Tea preparation. These utensils have the most negligible porosity, so they don’t absorb odours. It means they do not interfere with Tea taste and flavours while preparing & during serving and is suitable for high-ordered Tea.

Tea is personal

We want to let Tea be in that way. There is no hard & fast rule for Tea making. It is always how one person likes to have it. We want to let Tea be in that way. The best Tea is the Tea which is the most refreshing, restoring, leaving a memorable taste & good time to the drinker. Now you can set these parameters to suit your taste, brew a cup of Tea, and enjoy it. Tea selection, preparation and taste are a matter of personal choice. 

Green Tea and Antioxidants

As we read, numerous studies indicate that Green Tea can combat our skin ageing process—for example, prevention of hair fall and formation of wrinkles. In clinical science, there is evidence that Antioxidants can reduce the presence of free radicals in our bodies. They detox our bodies by removing excess free radicals and reduce overall oxidative stress. Antioxidants promote and assist in maintaining cellular health.

This way, they contribute to sustaining our younger look. Antioxidants present is Green Tea is known as Catechin. They are a type of Tea polyphenols. Studies have linked Catechin to impressive health benefits. For example, The inclusion of it in our diets may slow down our ageing process. Many studies have shown that its intake can bring positive results in maintaining weight. As Green Tea is the least processed, it contains most of its Antioxidants intact. So, it has plenty of tea polyphenols or Antioxidants, whose benefits are extensive.

Tea and Gut Health

In addition, numerous studies also pointed that taking a cup of Warm Tea can help indigestion. Our gut holds Serotonin, what is commonly known as “Happy Hormones”. High-Quality Tea Helps with managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) through its modulation of serotonin levels. This way, Tea can be good for our overall gut health. More Studies and research linked to Tea and associated health benefits continuing globally, bringing inspiring results. 


Tea is the second highest consumed beverage after water. History relates our Tea drinking culture dates back to 4000 years, even more. Tea quickly refreshes Our body & mind. Moreover, it also brings alertness and enhances focus. Overall, Tea helps to keep the balance between emotional and physical health. 

In conclusion, we can say, by choosing Green Tea in our diet plan, we can embrace good mental & physical health and reinforce our wellbeing. Maintain a Healthy & Active lifestyle. Include Good Quality Green Tea in your diet. Keep yourself hydrated and detox your body regularly.



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