Assam Gold Tea

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Assam Gold Tea 

Enjoy a Strong Cup of Kadak Chai with Assam Gold Tea. Each Packet of Assam Gold Contains 100% Assam Premium Tea Leaves. Make Delicious & Strong Tea with Milk & Get An Authentic Assam Tea Drinking Experience

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  • Riverbeki’s Assam Gold Tea gives you Tasty Kadak Chai – Enjoy a Strong Tea with Milk, Get one of the most authentic Assam Tea experience today
  • Assam Gold Tea is 100% Premium Single Origin Unblended Assam CTC Tea. It is a strong tea powder – We suggest you may try a lesser amount of tea per cup – 100% Assam Tea
  • Assam Gold CTC Tea is Pure Assam Tea. Rich in taste and aroma, every sip of this fresh tea offers an Authentic Assam Tea experience – refreshing cup of Assam Tea leaves
  • Assam Gold CTC Tea is Unblended Assam Tea. The tea goes well with all types of milk giving a strong and revitalizing milk tea – Pure Assam Tea Leaves
  • Experience rich malty notes when you drink Assam Gold tea. Feel Rich Experience of creamy texture in milk – an Unique Taste. If you like Strong & Tasty Assam Tea, it is your perfect choice
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assam gold tea

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm
Assam Gold Tea

500 Gram, 1 KG


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