Riverbeki Assam Gold Tea, Authentic Assam Tea, Kadak Chai with Strong CTC Tea 1kg

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Enjoy the Rich Authenticity of Riverbeki Assam Gold Tea! Elevate Your Tea Experience with Premium CTC Tea Leaves – 1kg Pack for Unforgettable Family Time & Kadak Chai. Shop Now and Experience the Difference.

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Assam Gold Tea – Enjoy One Family Time Kadak Chai

  • Authentic Gold Tea: Riverbeki Gold Tea brings you one genuine Assam cup. It is a premium tea handpicked from the best tea gardens in Assam
  • Rich Flavor: Experience the rich taste in each sip—the finest Assam CTC Tea, bold and robust, perfect for those who love a strong tea
  • Freshness Guaranteed: We carefully select the fresh Tea leaves & pack them precisely to ensure their freshness and aroma remain intact till they reach you
  • Premium Tea: Riverbeki Gold Tea is made using the finest quality CTC tea, hand-picked to offer an unparalleled tea-drinking experience
  • Perfect for any occasion: Whether it’s a morning tea or an afternoon refreshment, Assam Gold Tea is the ideal choice for any time
  • The family time Kadak Chai: Recapture the forgotten taste of Assam Tea with Assam Gold – it’s an unforgettable tea episode
  • Satisfaction Assured: Value for Money. Enjoy one best Assam Tea, 100% natural & healthy. We are confident you will love Assam Gold Tea as much as we do
  • Riverbeki Assam Tea brings some of the finest, purest and best Teas the region produces yearly. Reinvent taste and get refreshed. Enjoy a perfect cup of Assam Tea today
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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 8 cm
Assam Gold Tea

1 Kg


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