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Falap is an indigenous tea produced and consumed by the Singpu Tribes Bordering Assam & Arunachal Pradesh. It is a traditional homemade tea. Tea leaves are collected and dried in the sun or pan pried before pounding them into fresh bamboo stems. The stems are then sealed, and the tubed tea inside bamboos is smoked for months. This process may continue even years, further ripening the tea inside bamboo stems and imparting an intense smoky flavour. In technical terms, Falap is the only known Pu’erh from India.

Tasting Notes: Intense Smoky Flavour

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FALAP | Tribal Tea | Singphu Pu-erh

Singhphu Tribes are one of the first known users of tea in India. They make Falap tea for their personal consumption. This particular tea’s unique manufacturing process allows to smoky aroma to deepen as days go by, giving rise to a smooth and refreshing Indian Pu’er tea from North East. The product is then taken out of bamboo by scrapping and brewed, resulting in intense smoky tea. This traditional tea can give a cup of bright, distinct yellow liquor a smooth taste and an intense smoky flavour.

Dry Leaf

Compressed fermented tea leaves into a tubular shape to be scrapped first to form tea flakes for tea making. The appearance of this fermented tea may vary from olive dark green to black, depending on ripening. Liquor colour may vary from bright yellow to dark red.

Note for steeping

Scrap Falap from the tea tube or use the open leaf. For 220 ml of a cup, take 3 gm of tea. We recommend quick rinsing dry tea leaves with boiling water. Brew for 4/5 minutes by pouring hot water at 90 Degree Celcius in an infuser or teacup. Use the lid to cover. Sieve and serve hot. Use porcelain teawares for the best tea drinking experiences.

Traditional Belief & Wellness

As per traditional beliefs, Singpho Tribes consume Falap to aid digestion. They believe this fermented tea is a cure for a hangover too. Another significant aspect of Falap tea is that it may probably assist in weight loss goals. To get the best of benefits of this one should make the tea part of the diet plan in a sustained manner. Be mindful, for losing weight we should do exercises regularly as well.

Falap Tea
Falap Tea | Tribal Tea

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  1. Mohammed Naina (verified owner)

    Excellent product.
    A must try for anyone who appreciate true craftsmanship

  2. guptavipra (verified owner)

    I tried this tea for the first time and totally loved it. It is kinda similar to Puer tea, but only better.

  3. riverbeki

    Thank you very much for the appreciation and taking time to write this review. We look forward to see you soon and bring some authentic teas rich in its own natural taste & flavour!

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