Assam Tea

Assam Tea Collection
Before we talk about our Assam Tea Collection, let us tell you that Tea is Vast. There are as many as 1500 types of different Tea worldwide. And if we take into account tea-based infusions, the number can go astonishingly high. Above this, there are thousands and thousands of options available-from brick & mortar to online shops that sell Tea, serve Tea and allied products. So finding a good place to purchase Tea can be daunting work.

In Riverbeki, We keep our Tea stock minimum. But that does not mean inferior products. In reality, our products are far superior compared to many others since we keep only the selected ones. You can term them as a Curated collection of Specialty Tea. The curated Tea List makes a choice easy for our buyers. How do we do that? Well, We learn from our customers. We understand the requirements, tastes and budget of our end users. In that sense, we act as a sourcing agent for our buyers. Our Tea Collection contains some of the best teas Assam is producing year after year. It also varied. You can get White Tea to Green Tea, You can order Whole Tea leaf, Black Tea, to Fine Assam Orthodox Tea from our Estore in one go. Not to mention that Our premium Assam CTC Tea is very popular. Don’t miss its rich flavour and alluring aroma.
Sourcing of Assam Tea
Our Assam tea Collection is a reflection of our Taste. Let me explain this to you. For example, the Tea we keep is some of the best in class and Taste. Since we are directly sourcing our Tea from the Gardens, it helps us save time and money. It also offers us the benefits of freshness a good Tea possesses. With the Superior quality, Signature style and Taste, we can assure that our buyers get the best refreshments and nutrition.
Final Thoughts
We promise you that each of our Assam Tea is revitalizing. They offer a deep, bold, malty aromatic cup, and energize you instantly. They offer an excellent base for Indian style, Chai, with milk, sugar, spices, and masala. Our CTC & Assam Orthodox is undoubtedly famous for its rounded cup, richness, liveliness, and favourite among tea drinkers.

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