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Buy Premium Assam Tea Online in India

Explore Premium Assam Tea collection from our store. We have some of the Premium Unblended Single Origin Assam CTC Tea, Great Assam Orthodox Tea, Pure Assam Green Tea & White Teas. All of our Assam Tea are primary grades and they are consistently delicious.

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Assam Delight Tea

Aromatic & Tasty Assam Tea – Enjoy a delicious cup of Chai with Assam Delight Tea

Classic Assam Tea

Tasty & Refreshing Assam Tea – Enjoy a cup of Authentic Assam Chai with Classic Assam Tea

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Royal Assam Tea

Try Royal Assam – Our Refreshing Assam Tea and Get One Genuine Assam Cup – Pure Assam Tea Unblended

Assam Tea is World Famous

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Assam Tea is Nature’s treasure to humanity. It is the most popular tea consumed worldwide. Enjoy Assam Tea and its natural spicy & malty flavour.

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Vintage Assam Tea

Vintage Assam Gives You an Enjoyable Cup of Assam Tea for all Occasions

Assam Gold Tea

Assam Gold Tea Gives You a Super Strong Cup of Assam Tea without Bitterness

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One Genuine Assam Cup Today

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Enjoy A Cup of Genuine Assam Cup Today

Made From The Top leaves & bud, Riverbeki Tea Ensures First-Class Quality.
Get One Authentic Assam Tea Experience Today.

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Assam produces almost 13% of world tea

Assam is the most productive tea growing region in the world. The Character Of Assam Tea is Deep & Bold. They are Flavourful & Aromatic Teas with Rich Malty notes. Assam Tea is Suitable for All types of Milk Teas

Our Premium Assam Tea is also the best seasonal tea

Our Premium Assam Tea Collection contains some of the best teas the region is producing year after year and value for money. From our selected Single Origin Assam CTC, Assam Orthodox Black Tea, Green Tea & White Teas, you make an informed purchase on quality & taste.

Our Commitment on Quality

Our Assam tea Collection is a reflection of our Taste. We refuse to sell teas that are sub-standard. Our objective is to offer the drinker finer taste and refreshment experience. With the Superior quality, signature style and taste, we assure from us, you will get the best refreshments, for your purchase.

Parting Thoughts

Each of our Tea is revitalizing and represents true character of the Assam Tea. They offer a deep, bold, malty aromatic cup. Our Assam CTC & Assam Orthodox Teas are acclaimed for its rounded cup, strength and rich texture. They are favorite among Assam Tea drinkers.

Assam is Also World Famous For Great Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros


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One Horned Rhino