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Riverbeki Green Tea

Green Tea is another healthiest tea we often take. We are probably not aware that it is very ancient beverage humanity is ever drinking. Literature backs consumption of this Tea over 5,000 years. When you brew a high ordered Green tea, you can see the green colour on the steeped leaves. Perhaps that contributes to its name.

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Assam Green Tea
Assam Green Tea

Assam Green Tea

Our Assam Green Tea offers an exceptional character & taste of its origin. A strong cup for your refreshment with natural antioxidants. Get yourself absorbed with the wholesome goodness & delight of this beautiful Tea.

Darjeeling Green Tea
Darjeeling Green Tea

Darjeeling Green Tea

Reminiscent of summer meadows, this delicate, calming Tea has a smooth light taste. With a floral aroma and delicate taste that can be enjoyed any time of the day. This is our Organic Green Tea.

A Brief Back Ground

Tea is nature’s treasure to humanity and one of the most popular teas consumed worldwide. China and Japan are our leading producers. People drink Green Tea, particularly for its health benefits. In standard preparation, Consumers don’t add Milk or Sugar to it. Traditionally it is a pure Tea plant Leaves in semi-processed form. We sell pure tea and our green tea contains only tea leaves, nothing else.

Dry Leaf Appearance in General

The Dry Tea leaves normally appear in light, olive or Dark Green in colour. It comes in many shapes and sizes-from open leaves to smaller sizes. The wet Tea leaves colour is Greenish for quality Teas. This indicates good process control in Tea Making. The infused and strained Tea, also known as liquor is usually pale green or apple green in colour with a yellowish hue

Whatever is the colour of the tea leaves, for Good Quality Tea, the brew is always clear, bright and generates a pleasant sensation and rich mouthfeel. It has vegetal notes in most cases unless roasted. Good Tea is soft and delicately sweet on the palate. Some High Ordered Green Tea also contains fruity and floral flavours.

In pursuit of a perfect cup

The delicacy of this amazing Tea will turn harsh when we use extremely hot water or we over steep the Tea. Because of the light, fluffy nature, be mindful of the tea quantity as well. Our Tea, you can safely steep two times.

For beginners, the following temperature should work to start with considering a cup volume of 220 ml. You can scale up directly to meet requirements for a bigger cup size, an individual mug, or a tea pot as soon as you adjust your taste and make yourself familiar with it.

Measurement | Steeping Time

3 gm of Tea for 220 ml of water | Steeping Time 1 Minute to 3 Minutes

Water Temperature | No of Steep

160-170 Degree Farenhite | 80-85 Degree Celcius | 1 to 2 consecutive steeps

Caffine Content

Traditionally, this Tea contains lesser caffeine than other tea types. Also since the Tea typically is steeped for a shorter amount of time, the caffeine content in each brew tends to be significantly less. It finally reinforces the original estimate that the final cup is less caffeinated.

Parting Thoughts

We source our tea directly from the garden and feel proud to mention that they are fresh and of High Quality. We maintain Good Manufacturing Practices keeping the hygiene factor on our mind. Our objective is to deliver you the best product in the purest form. The tea we sell has rich natural flavour & Taste. If you have questions regarding product information or brewing Tips, don’t hesitate to reach us. We will be happy to assist you in the quickest possible time.

Tea Plant leaves
Tea Plant with Leaves

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