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Pure Green Tea is another healthiest tea we have been bestowed by nature. It is fascinating to become aware that it is a very ancient beverage & literature backs consumption of it since 5,000 years. When we brew a Pure Green tea, we observe the green colour of the wet leaves. The liquor has a tinge of green and perhaps that contributes to it’s name. Rich in antioxidant properties, buy green teas online from our store. Enjoy pure, natural, refreshing, delicious Green Tea devoid of artificial flavors and give a toast to your daily self care.

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Assam Green Tea

Our Assam Green Tea offers a strong cup & taste of its origin. A perfect choice for your refreshment with natural antioxidants. Enjoy the wholesome goodness & delight | OUT OF STOCK

Darjeeling Green Tea
Darjeeling Green Tea

Darjeeling Green Tea

Reminiscent of summer meadows, this delicate, calming Tea has a smooth light taste. With a floral noted it can be enjoyed any time of the day. This is also Organic by cultivation.

Pure Green Tea is a Toast to life

Tea is nature’s treasure to humanity and one of the most popular teas consumed worldwide. People drink Green Tea, particularly for its health benefits. In standard preparation, we don’t add Milk or Sugar to it. Traditionally it is a pure Tea plant Leaves in semi-processed form and nothing else.

Dry Leaf Appearance & Cup

The Dry Tea leaves are light, olive or Dark Green in colour. The wet leaves colour is greenish. This indicates good process control in Tea Making. The Tea, also known as liquor bears a tinge of green or apple green with a light yellowish hue. Mouthfeel is pleasant, gentle and delicately sweet on the palate. Our Green Teas are devoid of bitterness, when rightly brewed and served.

In pursuit of a perfect cup

The delicacy of Pure Green Tea will turn harsh when we use extreme hot water or we over steep. Let us be mindful of that. For beginners, the following temperature should work considering a cup volume of 220 ml. You can scale up directly to meet bigger requirements cup size, a mug, or a tea pot as soon as you adjust your taste and make yourself familiar with its brewing.

Measurement | Steeping Time

3 gm of Tea for 220 ml of water | Steeping Time 1 Minute to 3 Minutes

Water Temperature | No of Steep

160-170 Degree Farenhite | 80-85 Degree Celcius | 1 to 2 consecutive steeps

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Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

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Green Tea Benefits in Short

What is our USP in Green

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USP of Riverbeki Green Tea

Caffine Content

Traditionally, Green Tea contains lesser caffeine than other tea types. Also since it is typically steeped for a short duration of time, the caffeine content in the brew tends to be significantly less. It finally reinforces the original estimate that the final cup is less caffeinated.

Parting Thoughts

Enjoy Tea in the purest form. Our green teas are natural & pure. There is no added flavours to it. If you have questions regarding product information or brewing Tips, don’t hesitate to reach us. We will be happy to assist you in the quickest possible time.

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