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darjeeling tea

The World Fondly Calls it Champagne Of Tea. Enjoy it !

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They are one of the best teas India offers to the world. Also very limited. Explore some of the finest Darjeeling tea online with us. Own world-class tea experiences in the comfort of your home.

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baimudan white teadarjeeling white tea
baimudan white tea
Darjeeling white tea

Darjeeling White Tea

Soft & Sweet- Refreshing White Tea – gentle green notes of a peony


Darjeeling White Tea brings a perfect balance between tastes. Get high mineral notes with a quenching tingle of syrupy sweetness. Feel a bright and settled mind – Enjoy gentle energy with each sip

darjeeling teamoondrop tea darjeeling
darjeeling moondrop tea
moondrop tea

Moon Drop Tea

Soulful taste – Refreshing Floral Fruity Notes


Moondrop Tea overwhelms us with its tropical fruity notes and floral profile. Enjoy the delectable taste in each sip.

Darjeeling Tea is The Prized Tea India Offers to the World. Authentic Darjeeling Tea is One of The Most Sought After Teas Worldwide

darjeeling muscatel
darjeeling muscatel black tea

Muscatel Black Tea

An elusive taste – Rare – Pure Bliss Darjeeling black tea


Enjoy a rare taste of Muscat grapes in your tea. Awake taste buds with distinctive notes of raisins. Enjoy the rich taste and impeccable aromas of matured second flush Darjeeling tea.

darjeeling second flush tea

High Peaks – Darjeeling Black Tea

Enjoy One Ripe Darjeeling Black Tea of Summer & Get Authentic Darjeeling Second Flush Tea Experience

Mountain View – Darjeeling First Flush Tea

Get Yourself Resuscitate in Darjeeling Spring with Mountain View – Riverbeki’s Unblended First Flush Tea Darjeeling Tea

darjeeling spring tea riverbeki
authentic darjeeling tea

Pure Tea is a Potent Health Enabler.

Drinking Pure Teas Boost Immunity

Buyers Guide to Darjeeling tea

Minimum Stock-Maximum Quality. We sell only pure teas. The shortlisted collection makes choice easy for our buyers.

Darjeeling tea types

Darjeeling produces Black, Green, Oolong, and White Tea. The highest-produced tea is Darjeeling Black Tea. The most expensive is Darjeeling white tea. There are also emerging trends in artisanal teas and Organic teas. Good Quality Darjeeling oolong tea comes from higher elevations and also has a high price. This tiny region is famous for distinctive layers of complex floral fruity notes in a combination with muscat grapes flavour. The delicacy of the Darjeeling Tea has earned the name “champagne of teas”

Darjeeling Flushes

The harvesting time of Darjeeling teas are seasonal. They are called flushes. It starts with the advancement of the spring and teas from Spring is called First Flush Tea. After summer the monsoon arrives. Tea that comes during the rainy season is called Second Flush Tea. Then comes September and the season steps towards Autumn. Teas that are made during this time are Autumn Flush. Finally comes the winter. During winter tea plant goes into a dormant phase. No plucking of tea leaves takes place. No Manufacturing of Teas as well. The next tea production starts with the advancement of spring which will be Spring Teas or First Flush Teas

darjeeling spring tea

Darjeeling First Flush Tea

First Flush Tea or Spring Tea are teas manufactured from February to March. There are shoots that come up during the spring. Darjeeling First Flush Tea has the highest demand and price tag

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea

Second Flush Tea or Summer Teas starts from May-June. In this season Darjeeling produces the distinctive signature muscatel flavour with more colours in the liquor

darjeeling summer tea

Good Darjeeling Teas are Delicious

Pure Darjeeling teas are full of natural flavour and aroma. They are refreshing beverage and you can drink it any time of the day. If your choice is Vibrant Tropical Fruity notes with bit astringency, go For Darjeeling First Flush tea. If your preference is a fuller-bodied cup of intense flavour of dried raisins & nuts, choose Second Flush Teas. Enjoy the seasonal variation with our First Flush & Second Flush Teas.

Wellness with Teas

Darjeeling Teas are high on Natural Antioxidants. Antioxidants removes Free Radicals from Our Bodies and Imparts Healing. All of our teas are true teas-100% natural. They will delight to senses. Treat yourself to a cup of Darjeeling tea today!

darjeeling tea

Fleeting Information

  • Darjeeling Tea accounts for 1.13% of India’s Tea output.
  • Almost all Darjeeling Tea gets exported.
  • Darjeeling Tea is protected under Geographical Indication & trademark

Authentic Darjeeling tea is rare

There are only 87 gardens in a tiny area of 180 square km (approx) and produce some of the finest teas in the world. By volume, this is only 1.13 % of India’s total tea output. The region teas make tea by orthodox method (leaf grade). Most of the Darjeeling teas go to the export markets.

Be mindful of Fake Darjeeling tea

Due to very high global demand & Limited Production, there always remains a scarcity of authentic Darjeeling tea in the market. As supply is not consistent, Darjeeling Tea is adulterated with teas from neighbouring regions. Many times teas from Nepal are branded & sold as Darjeeling Tea. In a world full of rampant counterfeit Darjeeling Tea, taste the real one. So Be Mindful While Buying Darjeeling tea.

Good tea cheers & connects. We Create Happy Moments with Our Teas

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