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What is White Tea?

White tea is made from carefully plucked tea buds and young leaves from the camellia sinensis tea plant. It is the least processed type of tea. To preserve its unique characteristics, white tea production requires precision and careful attention. The tea leaves are dried using natural ventilation and gentle baking, taking into account the weather and regional conditions. These meticulous drying techniques, along with careful subsequent steps, result in white teas that are incredibly delicious and delicate.

Types of White Tea

White tea comes in several delightful varieties, each offering a unique flavor profile and brewing experience:

  1. Silver Needle (Baihao Yinzhen): Recognized as the most prized white tea, it consists of only tender, unopened leaf buds. It brews a pale, golden liquor with alluring flavor.
  2. White Peony (Bai Mudan): This tea is made from both unopened leaf buds and the young leaves. It offers a slightly stronger flavor compared to Silver Needle, with a sweet and floral taste.
  3. Longevity Eyebrow (Shou Mei): Composed of mature leaves and some buds, it produces a deeper color and stronger flavor. Longevity Eyebrow exhibits a mellow taste with earthy notes.
  4. Tribute Eyebrow (Gong Mei): Similar to Shou Mei, Tribute Eyebrow includes more mature leaves. It possesses a fuller body and a slightly stronger flavor profile.

These white tea varieties are cherished for their delicate nature, unique flavors, and the exquisite experience they offer to tea enthusiasts.They are also rich source of antioxidants.

Which White Tea is better?

The question of which white tea is better largely depends on personal preference. Each white tea variety has its own distinct characteristics and flavor profiles, making it difficult to declare one as universally superior to the others.

Silver Needle is highly regarded for its delicate and subtle taste, while White Peony offers a slightly stronger flavor with floral notes. Longevity Eyebrow and Tribute Eyebrow have bolder flavors with earthy undertones.

To determine which white tea is better for you, it’s recommended to sample different varieties and explore their unique qualities. Experimenting with different brewing methods and steeping times can also enhance your tea-drinking experience.

Ultimately, the best white tea is the one that aligns with your personal taste preferences and provides a delightful tea experience for you.

Making of these Rare & Unique Teas are not only a subject of learned skills but also a matter of geographical location to capture the “Original” taste, flavour & style. We select our Teas considering all factors. Our Tea selection conspires to give you a recognizable flavour, consistent quality and superior tea drinking experience.

The health benefits of drinking white teas are many. It is the tea with highest antioxidants. It is also known to have age retarding properties. All our white teas are delicious & healthy. Choose your type from our store and order online.

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Riverbeki White Tea is Delicious

As a beverage, it is exceptionally mellow, soft and pleasant at the palate.

Making of these Rare & Unique Teas are not only a subject of learned skills but also a matter of geographical location to capture the “Original” taste, flavour & style. We select our Teas considering all factors. Our Tea selection conspires to give you a recognizable flavour, consistent quality and superior tea drinking experience.

The over all mouth sensation of white tea is clear, syrupy and thirst-quenching. Some of the prominent notes of white teas are

  • Mellow floral-fruity notes
  • Herbaceous with rich mineral notes
  • Notes of wild honey, nuts, cocoa and spices

The liquor colour and taste is a reflection of the unique processing. Season, region, quality of leaves and tea plant variety add distinction. The quantities of tea leaves and brewing time also matter how tea tastes finally at the cup.

byt riverbeki white tea

White Tea is a Natural Source of L-Theanine, which has many health benefits. It’s said to help ease anxiety, stress and reduce insomnia.

Unlock the weight loss secret with White Tea

White tea is recommended by experts as a proven way to lose weight. It is important to consider both our food and drink choices in our weight loss journey. Including white tea in your diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

How White Tea helps to burn body fat?

White tea is rich in dietary antioxidants. Scientists call the antioxidants as tea polyphenols. They are organic compounds. Research suggests tea polyphenols have the potential to suppress fat accumulation and burn body fat.

White Tea- Find your way to Natural Wight Loss

How does White Tea prevent obesity?

White tea has been found to have a potential positive impact on weight loss. The combination of catechin, an antioxidants present in white tea and caffeine together prevents storage of fat in our bodies. Some of the notable mechanisms are mentioned below.

Digestive Enzyme Inhibition

Fats and oils undergo digestion and transform into smaller fatty acids, which can then be absorbed into our body. Tea polyphenols act as a preventive measure against fat synthesis in the stomach. In particular, the tea polyphenols found in white tea help reduce the rate of sugar absorption, thereby lowering the calorie intake from a meal. This property of white tea can contribute to combating obesity.

Fat Burning

Fat is an energy reserve for our body. Our body control body fat by two processes- lipolysis and lipogenesis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of body fat for energy. Lipogenesis is the reverse process. It converts excess energy into fat for later usage.

New research suggests drinking White Tea potentially does both fat burning & prevent fat accumulation. It aids in excreting carbohydrates out of the body before they can be digested. This process decreases energy intake and prevents fat formation.

Body metabolism via AMPK

AMPK, or AMP-Activated Protein Kinase, is an enzyme found in our cells that helps regulate energy balance. It acts as a “master switch” that gets activated when cellular energy levels are low. When activated, AMPK promotes processes that generate energy, such as breaking down glucose and fats. It helps maintain energy homeostasis and supports overall metabolic health.

Antioxidants in White tea can greatly influence AMPK mechanisms. It can activate lipolysis. It is the process in which stored fat molecules within our body are broken down into smaller components, such as fatty acids and glycerol, to be used as a source of energy.

White tea also stops Lipogenesis. It is the process in which our body synthesizes or creates new fat molecules, typically from excess carbohydrates and calories consumed, and stores them for future energy needs.

The modulation of AMPK can enhance fat burning and prevent the conversion of glucose into fat.

White Tea in Regular Diet

Comprehensive weight loss requires a lifestyle approach, which includes both diet changes and physical activity. One particular beverage that can make your weight loss goals successful is white tea. Including it on your diet can help accelerate your progress towards achieving your weight loss goals.

White Tea – Art of tea making

The Making of White Tea

White tea is made from the dried young leaves and buds of the camellia Sinensis plant. It is the purest and the least processed among all teas.

White tea is a distinctive type of tea that stands out due to its production process and availability. Various external factors including the plant variety, plucking season, environment, and elevation play a crucial role. Additionally, the expertise of the tea plucker in selecting the right tea bud and young leaves is important. All of these factors contribute to the artistry of white tea and result in its unique fragrant flavor.

Making of White Tea

Harvesting of white tea starts for a few weeks each spring globally. The plucking month can vary depending upon the geographical location. Also, the tea plants variety matters. Usually, harvesting begins in early spring to capture the true flavour & Health Attributes. Spring harvested white tea is expensive. This is because they are the first leaves the tea plants give after winter dormancy.

There are certain pre-conditions that exist before deciding to make white tea – for example, rain, hailstorms, mist, and time of the day. The aim is to get the best tea plants bud. They must be flawless. The buds and young tea leaves should be perfect at the time of plucking. They need to remain in good shape throughout the entire white tea-making steps.

It is a practice that High-Grade Tea comes from special cultivars( Tea Plants). All tea tea plants will not yield same quality of white tea, plant selection matter.

loose white tea

Antioxidants protect the body against free radicals, chronic disease, and inflammation. White Teas are an antioxidant powerhouse, which makes them an excellent ally for the wellness journey.

Drinking White Tea increases body metabolism and aids in natural weight loss. Explanations weight watchers and dieters will especially want to note.

Prepare a Cup of White Tea

The delicacy of the tea can be compromised if extremely hot water is used or if the tea is steeped for too long. Additionally, it advises being mindful of the quantity of tea used, as it may initially seem like a larger amount compared to other teas, but it is necessary for achieving the desired flavor. White Tea can be steeped multiple times, at least twice.

A recommended starting temperature for beginners is around 220 ml when considering a cup volume. Once you become familiar with the taste and adjust your preference, you can directly scale up the temperature to meet the requirements for a larger cup size, an individual mug, or a teapot.

Measurement | Steeping Time

3 gm of White Tea for 220 ml of water | Steeping Time 1 Minute to 3 Minutes

Water Temperature | No of Steep

160-170 Degree Farenhite | 80-85 Degree Celcius | 1 to 2 consecutive steeps

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Caffeine Content

Recent studies challenge the belief that white tea has lower caffeine levels. However, due to shorter steeping times, a cup of white tea still tends to have less caffeine compared to other teas, aligning with the earlier understanding.

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Experience the Elegance of White Tea: A Perfect Gift for Tea Enthusiasts

White tea is not only the world’s most treasured tea but also a rare tea for collecting & gifting. Delicate, Delightful, and Full of Subtle Flavors, White Tea Offers a Unique and Memorable Gifting Experience.

Share the Pure Joy of Tea with White Tea’s Calming Essence and Timeless Charm.

Drink Tea in Pure Form

White Tea is considered the healthiest type of tea because it contains a high level of antioxidants that help boost the immune system. It is widely consumed globally to promote longevity and preserve a youthful look.

The aromatic and soothing qualities of white tea make it a popular choice for tea lovers. Explore the unmatched taste and benefits of fine teas in your daily routine. Visit our online store to purchase white tea and indulge in the authentic delight of a cup.

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