Pure Raw Honey

Our Raw Honey is Natural & Unprocessed

Experience the Goodness of Riverbeki Raw Honey. Pure & Natural Honey that exists in the bee-hive. Unpasteurized and unprocessed, the raw form preserves all the natural vitamins, essential minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and bioactive components.

Aravali Raw Honey
Unprocessed Natural Honey

Raw Honey-Indo-Bhutan Border Forest Range

Enjoy the exceptional quality, great taste and mesmerizing aroma of Raw Honey. Pamper your taste buds with its raw flavour.

Himalayan Honey
Unprocessed Natural Honey

Raw Honey- Sub Himalayan Forest Range

Enjoy pure honey from the nectar collected by the bees from a wide range of rich wild floral species of the Himalayas

Riverbeki Raw Honey

Raw Honey is Honey in its most natural state. It provides a wholesome composition of Bio-Active Components, Pollen, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. Our Honey is unfiltered but it does go through a basic Sieving. This step naturally removes extraneous elements like Bee wax, dead bees etc from it. Our Honey is also unpasteurized. There are instances where we may use mild application of heat. It is at a shallow temperature to fulfil a smooth straining process. However, it doesn’t alter the composition of Honey.

After straining, we transport the Raw Honey to our facility and we pack them for retail sale. We take utmost care to preserve the valuable properties of Raw Honey in our entire supply chain from collection to packaging. Riverbeki Raw Honey provides health and wellness in every spoon- ready to be enjoyed. 

Our Honey is Pure & Natural

Our Raw Honey is a natural raw product that doesn’t have any artificial additives or flavours. Carefully strained to remove foreign debris, our raw unpasteurized Honey creates a new standard of natural purity. It will give you robust, delicious flavour, healthy nutrition and bioactive components. Raw Honey contains natural enzymes, antioxidants and is tasty!

Our Raw Honey is Locally Harvested

The Journey of Honey is straight-From the Honey Collectors family to your kitchen shelf! We source Honey from our trusted networks to deliver natural purity to your table. We stand by the values of true craftsmanship in the honey collection and traditional beekeeping method to sustain the supreme quality of the Honey we sell.

Sourcing of Our Raw Honey

Honey is a must-have kitchen ingredient for dishes and drinks that can be sweet or savoury. We are all familiar with it. But sourcing Raw Honey is very diligent work. It is a natural product and one has to find it. In a nutshell, the Journey of Raw Honey to your Kitchen Shelf is quite exciting. Let us take you through it. This all starts with a passion to bring a genuine product to offer. It is the First Step.

Secondly, the Honeybees collect nectar from thousands of flowers, storing it inside their bodies, mixing it with proteins and enzymes. Third, Honey Bee transfers the nectar into a beeswax comb, which thickens and transforms into Honey with time. The bees cap the comb with wax and move to the next one. They continue the same process repeatedly till all the combs of the hives are full of Honey. Fourth and as the final stage, Honey collectors search for the ripe Honey. They find it, collect it, filter the Raw Honey, transport it to our place for final packaging.

Here we want to reconfirm that we source our Raw Honey only from our trusted network. Due to the scarcity of finding it, the quantity of our Raw Honey is limited and seasonal. We do not Trade honey in Bulk. It is available only in our Retail Pack through our own online store. 

Natural Honey
Finding Raw Honey

Difference between Raw Honey and Regular Honey 

The primary difference between the two types of Honey is the processing stage. While Raw Honey is unprocessed, a regular pack of Honey goes to the processing stages ( pasteurization) and may contain some additives. With unpasteurized Honey, we may warm it just enough to allow for packaging and straining. When we do that we remain attentive that our Honey possesses maximum freshness and quality, filtered for cleanliness, bioactive component remain undisturbed and ready-to-eat!

How do I store my Honey?

You do not require extra care to store Raw Honey. You can store pretty much anywhere on your kitchen shelf, at any temperature. It’s one of the few products in the world that never goes bad due to its unique chemical composition.

Honey has a shallow water content (typically less than 18%) and a relatively high acidic level. The extraordinary chemical composition makes for very unfavourable conditions for bacteria to grow. If bacteria cannot grow in Honey, then it cannot spoil. It gives it indefinite shelf life. You can also store Honey in the refrigerator. But please be mindful that the cooler temperature will promote and speed up the Crystallization of liquid Honey. To give you an idea of Honey’s durability, archaeologists have discovered jars of Honey entombed with Egyptian mummies, and the Honey is still edible, even after thousands of years! 

Does Honey crystallize?

Honey is a supersaturated sugar solution, and Crystallization is a natural process of Raw Honey. It happens due to a temperature change. If you store it in a cool and dry place, Honey will naturally crystallize in a few months. Just place the Honey jar in hot water for a few minutes, and it will regain its original texture. Once you stir the Honey before using it, you will get the perfect consistency of Honey again.

Raw Honey can also remain uncrystallized well on your kitchen shelf when the low-temperature condition is not met. So technically, the Crystallization of Honey is a factor of ambient temperature.

Does Honey spoil?

We sell a limited quantity of Honey, and we keep them as fresh as possible. We have put “best before” dates on our Honey as a guideline to track our products. Liquid Honey doesn’t spoil, but it may granulate over a while. It does not affect the quality of the Honey, although it changes its appearance physically.

What We know about Pasteurized Honey

Because of low moisture content and high acidity, bacteria and other harmful organisms cannot live or reproduce in Honey. One of the few things that can live in Honey is yeast, although if the moisture content is below 18% (as it usually is), the yeast cells cannot reproduce. All nectar (the source for all Honey) contains osmophilic yeasts, which can reproduce in higher-moisture content honey and cause fermentation. Fermented Honey does not necessarily pose any health risk. Mankind is using Raw Honey for thousand & thousand of years, around the world.

However, many prefer to pasteurize their Honey to neutralize any latent yeast cells present and remove any chance of fermentation. Another intention of pasteurizing Honey is that it will slow down the granulation process. Pasteurized Honey is looking clearer in a liquid state than unpasteurized Honey, making for a more appealing-looking product. However, the method may change the natural texture and aroma of the Natural Honey, change the antioxidant content, & destroy the bioactive components. This process may also include the addition of certain additives and artificial elements to the Final Product.  

Final Thoughts

For us, our Honey represents both family and culture. It is so much more than food, in fact, many term Honey as a superfood. Your health and what you put into your body are essential. We should be mindful of it. We pride ourselves to offer Riverbeki Raw Honey for consistent quality and providing a product that is nourishing and delicious. 

Riverbeki Raw Honey
Raw Honey

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