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Assam is the single largest tea-growing region on earth producing more than 50% of India’s Tea. Global contribution of Assam in terms of production is above 13% . Good quality Assam Tea is unfailingly full-bodied, well known for its unique malty rich notes and dark red liquor colour. It goes well with milk & sugar because of it distinctive astringency & spicy notes. Assam CTC Tea is one of the most popular beverage and main ingredients of Indian Style Tea (Chai). Assam Orthodox, which is primarily a tea in leaf grade. Fine quality Assam Orthodox has surprisingly rich aroma & floral fruity intonation. Certain Assam Orthodox Tea also gives a flavour of meil & malt that no other tea on earth can duplicate. The region majorly is the most approachable for black tea and also the most popular. To certain extent, it produces Green, White & Oolong Tea.

Assam Tea Collection

Assam Tea-A Story to Relate

Tea is Vast. There are as many as 15000 types of different Tea worldwide. If we take into account tea-based infusions, the number can go astonishingly high. There are thousands and thousands of options available-from brick & mortar to online shops to buy Tea & related products. So choosing a right place to purchase an authentic Assam Tea can be daunting work.

In Riverbeki, we keep our Tea stock minimum. This is intentional and part of our business plan. We keep only selected types of Tea. They are carefully chosen to generate some of the most authentic tea drinking experience. We can confidently say they are far superior compared to many others available in todays market since they go through certain selection process. This you can call as Curated collection of Specialty Tea. This makes choice easy for our buyers.

assam black tea

Fleeting Note

Assam produces almost 13% of world tea

Harvest time-April to November

Tea Types- Black CTC & Assam Orthodox, Green, Oolong & White Tea . Assam Orthodox Tea is protected under Geographical Indication.

Famous for the most productive tea growing region in the world | Elevation is Low | Character is Deep Bold Flavours | Rich Malty notes | Dark liquor | Suitable for Milk infused Teas

Each of our Tea has its own buyers

Each of our Assam Tea is favorite to someone. This is a path for us to understand our buyers requirement and fulfill them. It is part f our learning process and we are constantly progressing. We know our customers tastes, budget and preferences. We satisfy that by acting as a sourcing agent for our buyers. You can first taste to suit your palate and decide. We guarantee consistency on it and promise discount on each repeat purchase.

We Offer

Our Collection contains some of the best teas the region is producing year after year. Among them you can choose some of the best seasonal teas in Fine Assam Orthodox Black Tea, Organic Green Tea, Silver Needle White Tea and Premium Assam CTC Tea . You can purchase reasonably good variety of class & taste from our Estore in One Go. We have safe payment gateway integrated to our website. We also offer Cash On Delivery. All door step delivery are OTP verified and contactless. On demand for Delhi-NCR region we also provide same day delivery.

Our Commitment

Our Assam tea Collection is a reflection of our Taste. We keep some of the best Tea in class, Taste and refuse to sell teas that are not authentic. Our sourcing takes place from the Gardens, which helps us save time. We remain mindful about the batch size as we know smaller batch tea gets more attention and care from the tea maker. Though such teas are relatively expensive however, it gives us leverage of finer taste and experience. It also offers us the benefits of freshness. With the Superior quality, signature style and taste, we assure from us, you will get the best refreshments and nutrition, nothing else for your purchase.

Parting Thoughts

We promise; each of our Tea is revitalizing and represents true character of the region with a deep, bold, malty aromatic cup. They quickly energize you. Our CTC & Assam Orthodox is undoubtedly famous for its rounded cup, richness, liveliness, and favourite among tea drinkers.

assam tea
assam tea

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