Assam CTC Tea

Our Assam Tea is 100% Assam Tea

Experience the Goodness of Riverbeki CTC Tea- a Single Origin Tea, that offers rich malty notes and gravity of Flavours of an authentic Assam Cup. Each Sip brings refreshness. Our Premium Quality Assam Tea delivers pure Assam CTC experiences not available in today’s majority online market.

Premium Assam CTC Tea Collection

Assam CTC Tea

CTC Tea-Classic Assam Gold

Enjoy the exceptional quality, great taste and mesmerizing aroma of CTC Tea from Assam-The boss of Tea.

Masala CTC Tea-Assam Gold

Awake your taste buds with the authentic spices blended in harmony with our premium Assam Tea.

cardamom tea
elaichi tea

Elaichi Tea-CTC-Assam Gold

Enjoy the exceptional quality, great taste and mesmerizing aroma of Genuine Elaichi Chai with our Assam Tea | No artificial Flavours | All Natural Flavoured Tea.

ginger tea
ginger tea

Ginger Tea-CTC-Assam Gold

Warm up yourself this winter with the generous Taste of a Premium Assam Tea blended in unity with traditional hand pounded Naga Ginger.

Vintage Assam CTC Tea

Tasty and aromatic, Vintage Assam is a superb choice for those who are seeking a well-rounded Milk Tea throughout the day. Get yourself soaked in its distinguished taste and thrive a delightful experience of a fine Assam cup.

Riverbeki Assam Tea is from the land of the Origin. We do not mixed our tea with CTC Tea from other regions. It is 100% Assam Tea. The cup offers a superior tea drinking experience in the traditional way with milk. If you are looking for a strong Tea, you have indeed entered the right place. We assure you will not feel dejected by choosing us for your CTC Tea. Our experience says, it will leave you rejuvenated and you will ask us for a repeat. This commitment you will seldom find Online.

Our CTC Tea gives a deep amber colour and is well appreciated for its full-bodied cup. Its delicious in Taste, goes very well with Milk and is a trendy beverage.

CTC stands for Crush Tear Curl

CTC stands for “Crush Tear and Curl”, is the name of a tea manufacturing method. The method makes Tea Granules a final product. The physical appearance of Tea granules can vary and have different grades depending on the shape & size. In short, Tea produced by CTC Method is known as CTC Tea

Sir William Mckercher, Superintendent of Amgoorie Tea Estate, invented the CTC machine in 1930. The majority of Tea produced in India is of this tea type, and Assam is making the Highest Volume of it. 

Assam CTC Tea is the First Choice

You perhaps know that Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water. China led the global production in it, followed by India. Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam are other Tea producing countries. Interestingly, our country is at the same time the 2nd most significant consumer market for Tea. Assam is India’s largest Tea producing state and the largest CTC tea producing region in the world. It makes approximately 51% of India’s Tea and nearly 11% of the world’s Tea. Assam is the birthplace of CTC Tea. This gives a fair reason to understand why Assam is the master in CTC Tea and why Assam CTC is unique.

Taste of Our Assam CTC

CTC Tea gives a full-bodied cup. The Taste brims with a rich malty note, deep amber liquor and robust character making it a Perfect Tea for the morning. With Milk & sugar, the CTC Tea becomes delicious and very refreshing. You can enjoy it any time of the day. Try our tea sometimes with your favourite finger-licking snacks and reach us to share your experience. Get a discount on repeat buy. 

CTC Chai
Assam CTC Tea

Sourcing of our Assam Tea

We source our Tea from our family network and friendly tea estates. They produce some of the best Assam Tea-The Best in Quality, Taste & Class. They are renowned Tea planters and garden owners in India. We are proud to source our Tea from there and mention Riverbeki CTC Tea will give you 100% Assam Tea Experience in true spirit. 


Riverbeki’s Assam Tea Collection

In Riverbeki, We keep a limited stock of Tea. We have set our standards and our minimalist Tea list is deliberate. Our curated Tea list is a desirable & conscious business decision. We are committed to keeping only selected ones, limited edition, the best and the premium. This practice sets us apart from the market. We refuse to sell tea that is not a subject of Quality & Taste. This is our stand

Our CTC Tea is a substance of Signature Class & Style

Tea collection is a reflection of our Taste. The Tea we keep is the Tea we drink of our own. Since we are directly sourcing our Tea from the Gardens, it helps us to retain the freshness of a good Tea possesses. With Superior Quality and Rich Taste, we assure that our buyers will get the best refreshments and nutrition for their purchase, nothing else.

A Brief History of Assam Tea

In 1823, Robert Bruce, a Scottish adventurer, apparently discovered the Assam tea plant. The discovery is quite interesting. Bruce learned about Tea plants & Singphu Tribe from Maniram Datta Barua, popularly known as Maniram Dewan, a nobleman. Maniram Dewan introduced Mr Bruce to a native tribe called Singhpo. From ancient times the Singphu Tribes are making their own Tea, unknown to the world and they still do that today. Their Tea, known as Falap Tea, possesses an intense smokey flavour with a peculiar storing method within the bamboo stem. Falap is their Traditional, Home Made Tea.

Mr Bruce found the Tea plants growing in the wild hills of Upper Assam had a different leaf size compared to the Chinese Tea Bush. While experimenting, Mr Bruce observed the Assam Tea plant gave a dark and rich tea with a malty flavour, unlike the Chinese Tea plant. From here, the journey of Assam Tea began.

Unfortunately, Mr Bruce could not pursue his research for a longer time and died of illness in 1824. His brother took charge of the mission and sent the Tea Seed, Leaves and Plants to Calcutta for further examination. The botanical investigation revealed that the Assam plant belongs to Tea species and opened the door of Assam Tea to the world.

In the world now there are two main plants of Tea-the Assam and the Chinese Variety. All other Tea plants are a sub-variety of these two mother plants. Most of the Tea in India and the colonial British territories are from the Assam Tea variety or the clonal variations of the Original Assam Tea Plant.

Parting Thoughts

Our Tea offers you a revitalizing cup. It energizes you instantly, makes you refreshed. It gives Indian style Kadak Chai when prepared with Milk & sugar. You can add spices and Tea masala to suit your personal taste without losing strength. It is Our popular CTC Tea bringing cheers, delight, refreshments to Assam Tea drinkers every day. We are proud to mention our CTC Tea collection as 100% Assam and Authentic. 

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