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Authentic Taste of Tea – Get the Best Ones Now

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Making a cup of perfect Tea is every tea lover’s wish. Tasty Teas are an absolute joy. Riverbeki brings you five steps to make your teas more delicious and healthier.

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Take one Tea Spoon of Tea

One tea spoon means 3 gm as standard for 240 ml of cup. Put the tea leaves in a cup or kettle.

water for tea

Boil water in a kettle

Heat water below boiling temperature. Preferably within at 85 D C to 90 D Celsius.

making a cup of tea

Brew the tea

Pour tea leaves in a cup or a kettle and pour hot water on it. Brew it for 2 to 3 minutes (max). Put the lid on.

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Separate the tea leaves

Sieve the tea leaves from hot water.You can use strainer or infusers for tea making process easy.

tea cup

Serve the tea

Serve the tea warm. Tea is best enjoyed when it is at 35 to 40 D Celsious. This is near to our body temperature.

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Is Temperature important?

Absolutely. The excessive temperature can destroy the Tea Polyphenols. They are popularly known as Antioxidants in tea. Tea is valued for them.

What is shorter brewing time?

In shorter brewing, tea leaves release antioxidant to water. Longer brewing allows caffeine also to get extracted. If your primary motive of drinking tea is antioxidants – brew for shorter time. If both, go for a longer one.

Storage of Tea

How we store tea in kitchen shelf is important. Tea is hygroscopic. So store Tea in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, moisture & strong aromas. Riverbeki Tea comes with a zipper. Tight Seal it to preserve freshness, and do not leave the packet open to protect freshness. Or you can transfer the teas to a suitable container

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Why to cover with a lid ?

It allows adequate heat retention resulting formation of flavours. When flavors and aromas paired with water in a right manner, tea becomes tasty.

What will happen with more tea leaves ?

More tea leaves will make the cup stronger. Similarly more brewing time will yield stronger and sometimes bitter cup.

We have heard very often about antioxidants and tea. Health benefits of drinking tea. Lets revisit them quickly. Also in crisp learn what is tea with milk(Chai) and tea without milk – The Naked Tea.

tea polyphenols

Antioxidants in Tea

Tea is a major source of dietary antioxidants. Different teas contain different antioxidants. Hence it is always a good choice to include all types of Tea in your diet plan.

healthy teas

Health Benefits of Tea

Antioxidants in tea remove free radicals from our bodies. Tea polyphenols reduce oxidative stress on our organs.This initiates a natural detoxification process for a healthier body.

chai tea

Milk Tea – Chai

Commonly known as Chai in India, is an instant energy booster hot beverage. Milk tea acquires calories from milk & sugar. Tea used for making Milk Tea is called CTC Tea. Assam Tea is world famous for it.

naked tea

Tea without Milk- Naked Tea

It is Tea leaves either in hot or cold water. It has zero calories unless and until we add something externally. White, Green, Black & Oolong teas are best consumed like this. So the Darjeeling Teas. However, in Assam Orthodox, many prefer to add milk & sugar to it.

What is Pure Tea?

Tea is an agricultural product from Camellia Sinensis Leaves (Tea Plant). Pure Tea in the most natural form of it. Pure means 100% Natural tea without additives. No artificial flavours & colours. Riverbeki Teas are 100% Natural. No addition, No subtraction, protecting the original taste.

What modern science says?

Drinking Tea has been considered a health-promoting habit since ancient times, and today clinical research backs this belief. The medicinal properties of Tea are scientifically acknowledged. The evidence supporting the health benefits of tea drinking grows stronger with each new study that is published in the scientific literature.

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Experience Purity

Pure Tea Experience means tea derived from camellia sinensis – tea plant. The dried leaves for tea plants are packed after refining. They are natural tea leaves – pure and original tea.

Brand Story

Our unique tea store represents authentic tea culture. It brings an indulgence of flavour, natural aroma, and delicious & healthy teas. Pure Teas fortify well-being & aid in retaining youthfulness. Embrace its goodness. Reinvent taste and get refreshed

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Who says No to natural goodness?

Say no to artificial flavors, colour and enhancement. Pure tea is an ultimate health booster & delicious. Our answer to it should be Yes!

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