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Authentic White Tea, Find here the Original One

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What is White Tea

A cup of authentic white tea is a healthful beverage. To tea world it is a tonic, treasure or mode of communication. Influence of this ancient drink has captured emperors, cultures, regions, art, science and trade. A distinguished tea with surprising delight, Pure White Tea has mesmerized the world. It is a pinnacle of artistic refinement, the symbol of good health. The legacy of White Tea continues to grow with same glory. It is the supreme of all teas.

An Elusive Tea with Lifetime Affair

Despite the simplicity in the tea making steps, authentic White Tea is not easy to make. Traditionally new, young unopened tea buds or the first two leaves from the Tea plant at its prime growth stage contributes to its making. The final Tea consists of very young tea leaves in a concave shape and silvery buds in the whole form. Commonly, this Tea is harvested for a few weeks during spring.

Authentic White Tea Types

There is little consensus on a single definition of White Tea. Fundamentally; it is the least processed among all teas.

There are majorly two types – Silver Needle & White Peony. Both are well-known for their unique appearance and distinctive flavour. White Peony is also known as Bai Mudan White Tea.

Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle White Tea

Completely Handmade – The Silver Needle White Tea consists of long, slender, uniform, unbroken sword-shaped tea buds. The appearance distinguished. The elegant Tea Buds are soft and velvety in touch, bearing a white matte look.

Peony White Tea

Peony White Tea or Bai Mudan White Tea consists of dried Tea leaves along with tea buds in varying proportions. It is another perfectly good and delicious White Tea from Darjeeling to celebrate.

baimudan white tea

We will be mindful of not comparing them since we know both Bai mudan & Silver Needle Tea has its own uniqueness. Both are of signature style – equally good in their respective class, self-sufficient in its appeal, taste, flavour and artistry. We like them for their inherent characteristics and they are prized Tea.

Appeal to Our Senses

Due to its delicate nature, the liquor of White Tea is exceptionally mellow, light-coloured in either apple green or golden yellow, apparently clear and syrupy. The mouth sensation of the Tea is delightful with rich mineral notes. Feel by touch, is velvety for Silver Needle White Tea and crispy for Bai Mudan White Tea. Eye sensation is distinguished-Standing out from all other teas. Beyond doubt, as a tea, liquor is thirst-quenching in nature; often characterized by notes of rain-soaked hay, reminiscent of White Peony or mellow chocolaty notes in floral-fruity intonations.

A Brief History

The Origin-The history of this Tea takes us deep back to ancient China. Tea historians report mention of White Tea during the Song Dynasty (920-1269). However, there are no unanimous calls on it. Some reports trace it even to an earlier time. References suggest that the Tea was present back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Nevertheless, the popularity and more documented literature about it came in the Song Dynasty (960-1269). At that time, this Tea was for the Royals. Only and always, first offered to the Emperor as tribute. Despite its high profile position, this Tea remained elusive from the mass Chinese population and the rest of the world as well, for a pretty long time until very recently.

The Journey

With time the Fame, Curiosity, Passion and the Art of making this unique Tea travelled to the other Tea growing regions worldwide. In India, Assam & Darjeeling are included as Top producers. Both the regions make some outstanding White Tea in the Silver Needle(many times synonyms as Silver Tips) and Bai Mudan variety. These Teas have achieved global recognition for Artistry in Tea making, Taste & Flavors.

The Present

The Modern-day harvesting and preparation of this Tea is still minimal and includes drying and withering of the leaves, Shade Drying in many cases. The preparation method may differ from region to region, depends on the producer, but the basics remained the same. It is the least processed among all Teas. Because of this minimalist processing involved, many people sometimes refer to it as a “Raw” Tea. All over the world, Tea Drinker takes it as a health-promoting beverage. Also evidence suggests that this Tea contains the majority of Antioxidants intact and has a rich heritage of restorative & extraordinary therapeutic properties.

Tea Polyphenols

Antioxidants present in Tea are called as Tea Polyphenols. The term Tea-Polyphenols is more specific and relevant to our subject since product is tea & represents cluster of Antioxidants. Due to the unprocessed nature, White Tea contains maximum Tea-Polyphenols. In addition, It contains free amino acids, for example, and notably, L-theanine. Health benefits of L-Theanine needs a separate article. In short, L-Theanine has captured scientist’s curiosity & attention for its role to our over all well-being.

Authentic White Tea

Make for a Choice

Due to the high medicinal values and unparalleled taste, global demand of white tea is an enormous. Natural goodness attracts all consumers, particularly those who are health conscious. However, availability of quality white tea is less. This creates the demand and supply gap which results in two things-Tea Drinkers are willing to pay more for it. There is an attempt to sell other Tea in the name of White Tea Or sell inferior quality of white tea. Hence, if you choose to start drinking White Tea for good health, be mindful. Gather some basic information about this tea before you buy.

White Tea is More than Fashion

White tea has earned its own space in the heart of consumers. Authentic White Tea will always generate a calming effect, uplift mood, remove fatigue and bring good health. If you are a White Tea drinker, you know and an introduction is not required. If you are a first-timer, you should experience it. This Tea has never failed to bring refreshment to the drinker. Even when you store white tea, the benefits remains intact. Best assured.

Genuine White Tea

Low availability & High Price of authentic White Tea may tempt its fan to overlook the risk of adulteration. This can lead to compromise with quality, in some cases fake white teas. But when the Tea is not genuine, the benefits are missing. The very purpose of drinking it gets defeated. So take a conscious decision. Choose the authentic White Tea & make an informed purchase.

Darjeeling White Peony White Tea

Our Bai Mudan White Tea is the season’s First Flush White Tea or Spring White Tea from Darjeeling. One Bud & Two Leaves-A true Limited Edition of its kind.

Assam White Tea

Riverbeki Silver Needle White Tea brings the gentlest body sensation & very restoring

Brewing of White Tea

You may opt for hot water at t of 80-90 Degree Celcius, even a little below, to prepare a cup of White Tea. Too Hot Water can cause the leaves to over-steep and become somewhat astringent. To capture the best flavour, we strongly recommend using porcelain teaware. The porosity of high quality porcelain are the least; hence they don’t interfere with tea taste and flavours. You may try steeping white tea for up to 3 minutes. If you re-steep the leaves multiple times, it can cause the taste to become flat and giving a bitter liquor. The medicinal values will be less as well.

So to start with, you can take 3 gm of Tea leaves for 220 ml of the cup for a single serving. You can brew it for 2 to 3 minutes. Sieve the liquid and serve. We would suggest not to add Sugar and Milk to savour the original flavour. Springwater is always the best choice for tea making. Do not use previously heated water as it lacks oxygen content and that can deflate the final taste of your Tea

how to prepare a cup of tea

Preparing White Tea

Take hot water at t of 80-90 Degree Celsius & 3 gram of white tea leaves, as too Hot Water can cause it bitter. To capture the best flavour, you may start steeping White Tea for 2 minutes. Multiple re-steeping will make the medicinal value lesser.

Use of Sugar and Milk are not recommended. Use Fresh Water, Spring water is the best. Avoid using reheated water as it lacks oxygen content and that can deflate the final taste of your Tea

Benefits of White Tea

The Benefits of Drinking White Teas are many. It is Anxiolytic- reduces Anxiety. White Tea in diet improves Blood Purity, Circulation & Lowers Bad Cholesterol levels. It is good for Gut Health & Digestion. Regular use of White Teas enhance Skin Health & Beauty. All over the world people drink White Tea to retain Younger Look & Retard Natural Aging Process

what is the best white tea

Tea is passport & Teaware is Visa

Our Tastes are unique and vast. There is possibly no hard & fast rules for Tea Preparation. The first guideline is to suit yourself. Once you have the tea, all you now need is a right teaware to brew & serve it.


A correct fit of teaware helps you to capture the undissipated flavour of tea, and transform tea drinking experience to a memorable event. Right Teaware allows fineness in taste.


Porcelain utensils are timeless classic and part of ceramic family. Over the years there have been changes in its alchemy but the grace is still the same. Modern Porcelain ceramic body is now composed by the raw materials  kaolin,  feldspar,  quartz and clay. It differs itself from other ceramic products by the coexistence of three unique and fundamental qualities-hardness, whiteness  and translucency. Porcelain has a high level of mechanical resistance, low porosity and high density. It is innocuous, durable and beautiful kitchen utensils.

Porcelain Ceramic Tea pot
white tea


The glass infusers are perfect for holding hot or cold beverages. They are made from a high temperature, shock resistant glass. These utensils have great usability, modern look, provide ease and convenience. They are trendy and attractive apparatus for brewing since you can see the transforming colour of your Tea. You can witness the opening of the leaf slowly in the tea making process. Overall, Glass Infusers ameliorates the Tea brewing experience.

Caffeine Content

Traditionally, White Tea contains lesser caffeine than other teas. However, some recent studies have pointed to the possibility of caffeine presence, a little higher than initially thought. Since this Tea typically steeped for a shorter period of time than other teas, the caffeine content in each Brew tends to be significantly less. This reinforces the idea that White Tea is less caffeinated.

white tea leaves

Gift White Tea

Tea is a reflection of taste. Brew a cup of Tea that soothes you, make you feel refreshed. It should relax, grant you few moments to yourself. A good cup of Tea is a toast to yourself. Take time to enjoy it reverently, without rush.

what is white tea
Camelia Sinensis Plant – Tea Leaves
riverbeki carpediem tea leaves
riverbeki tea leaves

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